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Abzan Battle PriestAbzan FalconerAinok Bond-KinAkroma's MemorialAnointed ProcessionArchangel of ThuneArchfiend of DepravityArchfiend of DespairAura ShardsAvacyn, Angel of HopeAvatar of WoeAwakening ZoneBeastmaster AscensionBlazing ArchonBloodspore ThrinaxButcher of MalakirCathars' CrusadeCauldron of SoulsChampion of LambholtCorpsejack MenaceCreakwood LiegeDeath's PresenceDictate of ErebosDoubling SeasonEldrazi MonumentElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteElspeth, Knight-ErrantFertilidForgotten AncientFrom BeyondGhave, Guru of SporesGrave PactGrave TitanGrowing Rites of Itlimoc // Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunGrowing Rites of Itlimoc // Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunHanweir Militia Captain // Westvale Cult LeaderHanweir Militia Captain // Westvale Cult LeaderHardened ScalesHornet QueenKalonian HydraLand TaxLifecrafter's BestiaryLiliana, the Last HopeLoyal GuardianMana ReflectionMazirek, Kraul Death PriestMephidross VampireMer-Ek NightbladeMeren of Clan Nel TothMikaeus, the LunarchMirari's WakeMycolothParallel LivesPathbreaker IbexPhyrexian ObliteratorPir, Imaginative RascalRhys the RedeemedSandwurm ConvergenceScute MobShanna, Sisay's LegacySheoldred, Whispering OneSlimefoot, the StowawayTempt with DiscoveryTendershoot DryadTooth and NailTrue ConvictionTuskguard CaptainVerdant ForceVigorVorinclex, Voice of HungerWinding ConstrictorZendikar Resurgent

Avatar of the ResoluteBlightsteel ColossusCraterhoof BehemothDeathreap RitualElite ScaleguardEnduring ScalelordGhostly PrisonHarvester of SoulsHelm of the HostIndulgent TormentorIona, Shield of EmeriaIt That BetraysIvorytusk FortressJuniper Order RangerManagorger HydraMikaeus, the UnhallowedNorn's AnnexOb Nixilis, UnshackledOverseer of the DamnedPoison-Tip ArcherPrimordial HydraReya DawnbringerReyhan, Last of the AbzanRishkar, Peema RenegadeSmothering AbominationTeferi's ProtectionThe Immortal SunUlamog, the Infinite GyreWindborn Muse