Is it drakes? (Pioneer)

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    Started out as the Arcane Tempo challenger deck, which I then turned into an Izzet Drakes deck in standard for a while. I didn't get too many opportunities to use the physical deck, I played a slightly different variation of it on MTGA for a little while (before I stopped playing Arena), however I really enjoyed the way the deck played and found that Pioneer was the perfect excuse for me to run the deck again (as it doesn't have Moderns hefty "entrance fee"). Below I will do my best to describe why each card is in the deck.



    6x Island
    5x Mountain

    I'm sure I don't need to explain why there are basic lands in this deck.
    3x Shivan Reef
    Shivan Reef is here for mana fixing, however care must be taken not to take too much damage from it. A majority of the cards in the deck also have some colourless mana in their costs, so once other lands have made it onto the board Shivan Reef can just be tapped for colourless.
    4x Steam Vents
    4x Sulfur Falls

    Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls are the fast, non-basic lands in this deck. Not much explaining to do, they're fast and can tap for either of the colours needed in this deck.


    1x Blink of an Eye
    Bounce the opponents scariest creature and sometimes draw a card off of it.
    2x Dive Down
    A cheap and neat combat trick to pump up Enigma Drake or Crackling Drake when declared as blockers or to save them from opponents spells/abilities that haven't been countered.
    4x Opt
    Cheap card draw. Helps to quickly pump up the drakes and Stormwing Entity, cheapen the cost of adapting Pteramander and lets you draw an additional card and deal 2 damage per cast with Niv-Mizzet, Parun.
    4x Radical Idea
    More card draw that also can occasionally help to fill the graveyard with more spells, as they do not necessarily need to be cast for Crackling Drake, Enigma Drake or Pteramander to benefit off of them. It should be noted that exiling it with Jump-Start does weaken Enigma Drake.
    4x Shock
    Cheap burn. Similarly to Opt, it helps to quickly pump up most of the creatures in the deck and do lots of damage with Niv-Mizzet, Parun.


    2x Chart a Course
    More card draw, preferably cast it after attacking but getting more spells in the bin isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    4x Lava Coil
    It's creature removal, nothing more and nothing less.
    4x Light Up the Stage
    Potentially more cheap spells to trigger all of the creatures in the deck with, exiling spells with Light Up the Stage isn't the end of the world either if Crackling Drake is on the board.


    4x Crackling Drake
    4x Enigma Drake

    Crackling Drake and Enigma Drake are, as you would expect, the centerpieces of this deck. Play lots of spells, pump up the drakes, hit face, repeat.
    1x Niv-Mizzet, Parun
    Niv-Mizzet, Parun can help close out games by pinging people to death. In Standard I would run 2 of them but I have dropped one to squeeze in an additional spell and due to the fact that I'm now including Stormwing Entities which have a similar CMC, should I ever have to hard cast them.
    2x Pteramander
    Pteramander can be played early on and later in the game will remain relevant when Adapted. In Standard I would run 4 of these and they worked very nicely, however here I have dropped two of them to make room for some new cards like Stormwing Entity.
    2x Stormwing Entity
    3 CMC cool dude (provided you've played an instant or sorcery this turn) that can get some explosive damage in on turns where you've cast multiple instants or sorceries. The scry also really helps in scenarios where you haven't drawn either of the drakes yet (or if the opposite has happened and you need to find some instants or sorceries). Can also be hard cast in order to hold onto instants or sorceries for next turn, to pump Stormwing Entity up with.


    2x Aether Gust
    Sub in against green or red decks.
    2x Anger of the Gods
    Sub in against aggro decks.
    1x Banefire
    Used to win games where simply punching your opponents face in with drakes isn't working out.
    2x Mystical Dispute
    Pretty self explanatory, sub in against blue decks.
    2x Narset, Parter of Veils
    Sub in against control decks.
    1x Rending Volley
    Sub in against blue or white decks.
    3x Spell Pierce
    Sub in when either more counterpells than the 2 Mystical Disputes are needed against a blue deck or when needed against a black or white deck.
    2x Tormod's Crypt
    Sub in against graveyard decks.


    2x Pteramander
    In standard I ran 4 Pteramanders, can potentially drop the 2 Storming Entities for 2 more Pteramanders.
    1-2x Stormwing Entity
    Can potentially drop some creatures other than Pteramander to fit more Stormwing Entities, personally I don't think I'll ever run with a full set of 4 Stormwing Entities in this deck (due to their mana cost) but I could potentially see dropping Niv-Mizzet, Parun for one more Stormwing Entity.
    4x Wild Slash
    Strictly better Shock, I plan to swap all copies of Shock out for Wild Slash later.




    Sideboard price: 23.65 € | $ 10.08


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