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Ancestral RecallBlack LotusBrainstormBrainstormBrainstormBrainstormCodex ShredderCodex ShredderCodex ShredderCounterbalanceCounterbalanceCounterbalanceCounterbalanceDarkslick ShoresDarkslick ShoresDarkslick ShoresDarkslick ShoresDarksteel CitadelDemonic ConsultationDemonic TutorEnsnaring BridgeEnsnaring BridgeForce of WillForce of WillForce of WillForce of WillGitaxian ProbeLantern of InsightLantern of InsightLantern of InsightLantern of InsightLotus PetalLotus PetalLotus PetalLotus PetalMana VaultMerchant ScrollMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMox JetMox SapphireMystical TutorNecropotencePyxis of PandemoniumPyxis of PandemoniumSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSol RingTime WalkTinkerTolarian AcademyUnderground SeaUnderground SeaUnderground SeaUnderground SeaVampiric Tutor