[WIP] UW control (Modern)

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    I wanted to make an UW control deck, so i made this list.

    (Spells Low CMC to High CMC)
    4 Path to exile
    path to exile just a great answer to any creature, ever thought they get to ramp a land, during late game most decks wont have much basic lands so its a 1 mana exile creature.
    3 Serum visions
    Helps you get better draws and filter your draws
    1 Condemn
    Just an extra Path. but you do have to do it when there attacking.
    2 Mana Leak
    I put in two mana leak because its just an great card and can help you in almost any time of the game, not the greatest in the late game though
    2 Logic Knot
    I put in two for the late game, you can just use your field of ruins or your flooded strands to exile. Great counter spell
    2 Sphinx's Revelation
    This card is AWESOME and can refill your gas for the late game and gives you life. Great late game card and will win you games by the amount of cards you draw.
    4 Cryptic command
    Best counter spell and great for flexibly. you can do two of the chosen, counter a spell, Draw, Return a permanent or tap all creatures your opponents.
    3 Supreme verdict
    Destroy all creatures. Simple, its good card.

    (Creatures low CMC to high CMC)

    3 Wall of omens
    Draws you a card and lets you get a 0/4 defender. since most creatures don't have more than 3 attack this is an great card, doesn't die by single lightning bolt and doesn't die by most of the staple creatures (expect maybe tarmagoyf or a 4/4 scavenging ooze). most of the time it becomes a 1 for 1 but you draw a card so its kinda like a 0 for 1.
    2 Snapcaster mage
    Great 2 for 1 card. you can flash it in for a chump blocker and cast a card from your graveyard. Staple card for control
    1 Vendilion Clique
    UW control doesnt have much hand disruption but Vendilion Clique lets you take out threats from your opponents hand and lets you look at there hand. Sometimes better than thoughtsieze because it goes to the bottom of the library and cant be interacted by graveyard stuff

    (Planeswalkers Low CMC to High CMC)
    1 Gideon of the Trials
    In late game, you can make this your alternate win con because of the 0 ability. I have gone to games where both of our library were so low that someone could die from drawing a card with no more cards. also acts a 4/4 indestructible. So when your in the late game, you wont have to worry about fatal push or any destroy spelss
    2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    hmm.... banned in modern because of how good he was. Legacy and vintage play has shown that jace is a powerhouse

    (enchantments Low CMC to High CMC)

    3 Detention Sphere
    You can exile tons of tokens or planeswalkers. its an great card and usually your opponent wont destroy the enchantments. lets you get the permanents that your path to exiles and your supreme verdict cant get.

    3 Spreading Seas
    Great card against tron and helps you with multi color decks which are in the meta



    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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