[WIP] It Came From Beneath (Standard)

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    Goal is to make lots of cheap tokens to sac to recur threats (usually Izoni to make more tokens or Poison Tip Archer to do damage). Use PTA to slowly grind them down.


    Import from Arena


    Fixup the manabase


    Reduce total land count by 2, increase Journey count to avoid potentially ditching it to the yard with stitcher


    Trying an experiment with no killspells/interaction. Might want to add some mana dorks/curve acceleration to get to the combo faster.


    Fill out the sideboard, tweak a couple counts (way overdid some things, underdid others). I've never really built a sideboard before, mostly play Bo1's on Arena, so this'll take some iteration.


    Couple more tweaks to the mainboard. I'd like to try using Desecrated Tomb and I added some draw/discard utility creatures. Removed the final non-permanents from the deck which should improve the value of Golgari Findbroker


    Remove snitches, try to focus on getting the yard full, quite a few games have been losses not because I don't have the engine, but because there's nothing in the yard to recur.

    Also mainboarding a bit of artifact/enchantment hate.


    Out Bat Tomb, In Tomb Robber. I think the discard outlet to help when you end up with a mana-dense hand is pretty good. Shunt off your big stuff to trade for land or counters, gets your molderhulk online when you need it, all around pretty good.


    Switched some things around. First, sideboard is pretty good now I think. I don't know though, I've never really had to sideboard before.

    Second, there are some things bordering on 'cute' here, the Wayward Swordtooth, Crucible of Worlds setup is pretty nice when you burn right past all your land drops. It's usually pretty reliable to 3 mana, but sometimes getting past is hard. I removed Tomb Robber, he just wasn't that valuable, in his place are some Reassembling Skeletons, which make much better walls then Barrier of Bones, albeit without the handy Surveiling. The Skeletons can pop up out of your yard on their own which makes them handy for getting to the later part of the game.

    One fun thing about this deck is that it's basically Duress proof, there are not very many Duress-able things in here.

    Because of Crucible, I also cut a land.


    Just tweaked the sideboard a little. Very soft to graveyard hate, so obviously piling on answers there makes sense. Vraska is just all-around good (might be better maindeck, but it's hard to recur (have to go through findbroker to get her). Might make sense to up the findbrokers as well.

    Carnage Tyrant for control. Damping sphere for Storm, usually you can out-race storm though, you generate a lot of threats quickly.


    More SB work. Removed Arguel, always seemed like a dead draw. Vivien Reid in and Vraska mainboard. Solves some of the problems Rec sage was trying to solve, helps ramp, Sac outlet, all good stuff. Also bumped the land count a little, 21 was inconsistent. Barrier of Bones is out, Honestly may drop a land to put a Carnage Tyrant in the maindeck. Still debating Llanowar Elves.


    More SB tweaking


    Still more SB tweaking, bit of MB tweaking too -- Eldest Reborn recurrence seems like it'd be good, yah?


    Sideboard work


    Want to try a World Shaper in place Crucible, might work to get the same ramp effect, but gives some more milling options as well.


    Trying to pull the average CMC down and increase ramp options, moving towards more of a reanimation-toolbox deck.


    I think I've let this get away from me, trying to do too many things. The core of this deck is JtE. This version tries to rush that out ASAP, the rest is gravy about trying to get shit in the yard.

    The goal:

    T1: Green Source, Llanowar Elves
    T2: Black Source, JtE the elves.
    T3: Plaguecrafter or other Sac effect for at most 4 mana.

    Games in which you don't have JtE flipped almost immediately are bad.




    Sideboard price: 13.33 € | $ 6.77

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 2018 — Oct 2019).

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