Priest Host (Standard)

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    v1.1.0 - Out with Sheltering + Binding Mummies + Colorless land, in with Embalmer's tools and a very interesting critter in the form of Aven Wind Guide, not sure how that's going to work out yet.

    v1.0.0 - No changes over v0.8.0, no longer WIP.

    v0.8.0 - Drop Zhalfrin, grab Survivors' Encampment. Cancel out, Invoke the Divine in. Also loaded the Sideboard with stuff, that's mostly guesses as to what might be needed; MTG:A ranked constructed doesn't really use the SB at all. I think this is the last version before 1.0

    v0.7.0 - Drop out 2x Skittering, 2x Danitha, and 2x Cast Out, add 4x Ixalan, 2x Angel of Exile (to deal with flyer threats + add some exiling ability). Cast Out only ever really got cast on my turn anyway. The Cancels are also a potential cut, since to get the most out of this you really need to ride the curve pretty hard.

    v0.6.0 - Drop Syncopate entirely, this build is too mana tight to admit it. Put in Danitha to try to ease the mana reqs on Helm. Less ideal then having whatever the equivalent is for Llanowar in white or blue, but at least it's something.

    v0.5.0 - Drop Teferi, he's too hard to defend, and Immortal Sun blocks him anyway. Drop one Syncopate to fit a couple Binding Mummy in. This mostly serves to shorten kill time after going off, but also it can be useful for surviving while still digging for components.

    v0.4.0 - Swapped Censor for Syncopate (it's just flat better into the later game), dropped Pull From Tomorrow and picked up Immortal Sun again (As Foretold makes it much easier to toss out those big spells). Also tossed in some Skittering Surveyor in hopes it'll make getting landed a bit easier. If there isn't an option to go off with Anointed Priest, going off with Skittering will help make it easy to play all of the cards.

    v0.3.0 - Too much counter, hard to go off due to lack of mana, hopefully As Foretold will help with that. Removed a bunch of the counterspells and added a few Censors. I suspect that I might have too many Divinations, testing will tell.

    v0.2.0 - Removed Naban thing, couldn't ever get it to go off. This would almost certainly be better as a modern deck, but I've got about a 50-50 winrate with it atm, and when I go off, I basically never lose.

    Record life before ending the match because MTG:A was lagging: 596ish.

    v0.1.0 - Initial version. It's a little all over the place at the moment; there's a thing I'm trying w/ the Naban and Arcane Adaptation, should be a sort of weakened Anointed Procession, I think. Make everything wizards and then gain 2 life instead of 1.

    v0.0.0 - Use Anointer Priest, Anointed Procession, and Helm of the Host to create lots of priests. Everything else is just in service to getting there. Haven't even finished creating the basic deck yet. Do not use.




    Sideboard price: 52.97 € | $ 46.11

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 2018 — Oct 2018).

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