Honorable Angel Assault (Mono White + Teferi) (Standard)

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    Finally with the M19 Pre-release, the Angel deck becomes more angelic. I attended the midnight pre-release, purchased a booster box and pulled most cards I was hoping for including; Ajani Adversary of Tyrants, 2 x Resplendent Angel's and was able to trade for the rest I wanted for this deck, my mono red deck and my friend Kim's Green+White deck.
    I got VERY LUCKY with my booster box!!

    The Teferi, Hero of Dominaria was a big surprise too, I made it to the top 8 in our local store championships and pulled him in my first pack!! (I opened one in a Dominaria booster box months ago and sold it, thought I would never see him again!)

    This deck is my pride and joy and what I have spent the most time playing with. It holds a lot of legendary creatures, artifacts, removal spells and enchantments that help to buff your side of the field while working hard together to create some very devastating synergies!
    There are combinations left right and centre.... all which are seemingly just as devastating as the other!
    This deck has a good even spread, including lifelink to negate the millions of mono red aggro decks you will face haha.
    With plenty of aerial support from your guardian angels, removal spells, equipment and the odd surprise Planeswalker, this deck will cause plenty of problems for your opponent.

    My Favourite Combos for deck:

    * Danitha Capashen, Paragon + Blackblade Reforged.
    (That's a possible 6/6 with vigilance, first strike and lifelink on turn 4)

    * Traxos, scourge of Kroog + On Serra's Wings.
    (That's a possible 8/8 with flying, trample, vigilance and lifelink on turn 5)
    Note: This combo also negates Traxos's only drawback. OSW is a legendary enchantment which untaps Traxos, now having vigilance it never has to tap anymore from attacking.

    * Resplendent Angel + Lyra Dawnbringer.
    This combo will pretty much seal the game for you unless your opponent can play some heavy removal fast. Gaining 5 life from Lyra and gaining a 4/4 flying angel with vigilance because of it is a fantastic outcome.... Oh wait... did I say 4/4? I meant 5/5 flying Angel with vigilance and lifelink thanks to Lyra Dawnbringer's buff on other Angels ;)
    This new card Resplendent Angel is INSANE!!

    * Shalai Voice of Plenty + Helm of the Host.
    This one is a little harder to pull off but can seal a game shut if the game runs longer.
    Shalai gives yourself and all other creatures / planeswalkers you control hexproof, her only draw back is that this doesn't give herself hexproof. Being a legendary creature means you can only only have one on the field at the time..... unless you equip Helm of the host resulting in two Shalai's and everything on your side of the field hexproof.
    (Other good cards with HOTH are; Benalish Marshal, Serra Angel, Lyra Dawnbringer, Evra, Halcyon witness and Wakening Sun's Avatar)


    Sideboard price: 13.03 € | $ 13.56

    This deck appears to be legal in Standard!

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