Raff Capashen: Raiders of the Lost Hedron (EDH / Commander)

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    In an alternate timeline Tezzeret finds himself free to become the master of the multiverse after Bolas' defeat on Ravnica in 4561. He formulates a plan to stop the Gatewatch from ever being founded in the first place. Tezzeret manages to convince Narset to join him in "search for the secrets of the Forsaken Gods" - with her help they mind control Teferi and force him to time rift them into the Stronghold in Rath in 4204. There they steal the Skyship Weatherlight, with Hanna, Ship's Navigator still onboard.

    They return back to the future in 4559 to what is now known as Dominaria. Teferi gets thrown overboard in what Tezzeret calls a tragic accident after outliving his usefulness and they recruit an ambitious young mage called Rafwyn "Raff" Capashen to pilot the original Weatherlight. With Hanna's reluctant guidance Raff takes command of the "still" planeshift capable ship and they enter Zendikar.. Where Tezzeret plans to aid the Eldrazi titans in killing the founding members of the Gatewatch!

    I had to come up with an extremely nerdy fanfic for this deck because the lore was there. Basically if you lose you can always dismiss it as the good guys winning :D

    Ramp out, use politics and the threat of counterspells to stay in the game long enough to start dropping bombs. That's the plan anyway!

    I'm intentionally avoiding too many tutors or interactions that are possibly a bit too cutthroat for my meta (Karn, the great creator + Mycosynth). Stuff that is mean but allows for interaction is fine (Teferi's puzzle box + Narset, Parter of Veils).

    Edit: Paradox Engine got banned so list has been changed a bit. I will start adding more powerful stuff if the deck performs poorly in playtesting. Trying out some M20 cards like Atemsis and Manifold Key, especially the former will be interesting since there are a lot of CMCs and a good amount of draw available and it can be dropped EoT with Raff.

    Edit2: One seems to often pull "one side" of the deck. Usually lots of mana but no place to put it in. Sometimes things work out and it's glorious. Adding a few nasty locks to help close out things more decisively plus wheel effects. Everyone can have cards but our cards are generally more evil.




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