qooob - No-Mana Cube (180 cards) (Cube)

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    I've picked 180 cards from throughout my whole collection to compile a cube that is made to be drafted by 2 or 3 players for games with 60 cards each (two players) or 40 cards each (three players). The overall theme is one of buffs, counterspells, evasion and removal. I've aimed to have relatively simple mechanics throughout the cards, but a strong power level overall. It also shouldn't require too much preparation before games or cleaning up after them.

    When I already had 180 cards picked out and sleeved, I realized I had no more sleeves for lands, and started researching how I could skip including lands at all. The closest thing to what I was looking for was something called No-Lands Magic by Andrés Santiago Pérez-Bergquist. I wrote an explanation of my own below, but all credit for the concept still goes to him.

    No-Lands Magic
    A card played upside down (but still face up) during your turn counts as a Basic Land. A card played this way has ”Tap to gain one mana of each color of mana in this card's mana cost. You may count any mana gained this way as colorless instead. If this card has no colors in its mana cost, tap to gain one colorless mana.” If one of these ”No-Lands” is returned to the hand, it can be played again as either the original card or as a ”No-Land”. If a ”No-Land” is destroyed, it is put in the graveyard and is treated as the original card from that point on.

    No-Land Examples
    A No-Land that costs one red, two blue and three colorless can still only be tapped for three mana, one for each colored mana in the cost. A No-Land that costs one red and one colorless can still only be tapped for one red mana or one colorless mana. A No-Land that costs 6 colorless mana can still only be tapped for one colorless mana.

    The Pile Grid Draft
    I wanted to make the Grid Draft flow better, which is why I came up with the Pile Grid Draft, where you don't need to re-fill the grid each time you've picked the cards you want. It also means that for the first 20 turns of the draft, you are guaranteed to have 9 cards to choose from.

    Deal the cards face down into a 3x3 grid, creating nine piles with 20 cards in each pile. Decide on who goes first with a dice roll or rock-paper-scissors. Players then take turns doing the following steps until all cards are gone:

    1. Flip cards until the top card of each pile is face up.
    2. Choose a row or column and add the three (or fewer) chosen cards to your card pool.


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