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UB (mom draft IRL) (Limited)

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a fun 3-0 at the local shop. the two powerful cards - sword and invasion - carried their weight (these were p2p1 and p2p2).

beat RB aggro/sacrifice in round 1 vs brannon. he had a fine deck but i was able to outcard him in the two games i won.

beat bg round 2 vs curran, who i don't know if i've ever beaten in a round before. he had glissa and a fine midrange-y deck. we played two grindy games to start; he used removal well game 1 to stay ahead, but game 2 i got my invasion down and kept pressure on it with a bunch of dorks wearing swords. eventually a giant gloomfang mauler picked up the sword to put all the pressure on. flipping invasion meant copying his glissa, and once i got there, here conceded. game 3 was a fast one, in which i used tetsuko to start pressure fast, and played all my good cards. he missed his 5th land which meant no glissa to contend with until it was too late, as all my unblockable 1s finished him off.

beat uw knights vs chris in the final. his deck was solid but the curve felt a little high for the best type of that deck. he flipped his glorious anthem game 1, but i assembled a good crew of dorks with tetsuko, who led them all to flip invasion and copy my alabaster host and steal his soldier lord. he put a stasis field on tetsuko to try and stop her, but sword made it fall off, and he had enough (probably a premature concession) there. g2 i insta lost on a mull to 6 and a 1-lander that didn't get there, but g3 was a nice interactive game. all the usual suspects showed up again, and i had a wide board of blockers to keep me alive against his more assertive beginning. again, a giant gloomfang mauler holding a sword did the trick.

fun format, ub has been a realy enjoyable deck to play!

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