Muldrotha, the Gravetide; EDH; Mid to Competetive power; Self-mill (version 2) (EDH / Commander)

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    Planeswalkers (1)


    *new changes*
    ->exploration, green sun's zenith, intuition, seal of primordium, victimize
    <-acidic slime, buried alive, caustic caterpillar, oblivion sower, satyr wayfinder

    *old changes*
    ->timestream navigator, sylvan library, city of solitude, Concordant Crossroads

    *Note to myself*
    -Find better planeswalker
    -Do something regarding counterspells
    -replace meren

    *Possible Changes/Subs*
    -Glen Elendra Archmage/mental mistep for mana drain/Siren Stormtamer/Swan song

    *About the deck*
    There are a lot of versions of this deck online most of them similar to each other so i decided to change it up a bit. This deck runs more tutors/card draw which is a personal preference of mine. Basically the goal of the deck is to get a bunch of mana, bunch of card draw and bunch of cards in your graveyard. With this setup you can win through couple of ways:

    1)Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord/Lord of Extinction
    -This combo is pretty self explanatory, you sacrifice Lord of Extinction to deal damage to everybody. You get to this cards either through protein hulk, tutors, mill, and so on..

    2)Avenger of Zendikar
    -Since this deck gets a lot of lands out Avenger of Zendikar also has a great value. Altho I do not play any board buff cards I do play cards that allow you to play multiple lands. This means that you can get 10 plant tokens and give them all +3/+3 with the right setup and with Concordant Crossroads you give them all haste and try to close out the game. Avenger of Zendikar doesnt have to be win condition the turn you play him, he overall has good value in this deck because you can keep replaying him, getting those tokens, giving out those +1/+1's.

    3)Timestream Navigator
    -This is the new'st addition to the deck. Currently I found two good ways to go infinite with this card. Basically, after you have gathered enough mana of course, you wanna play Timestream Navigator and get those extra turns. On your next turn you want to get timestream navigator to your hand and replay him creating this loop of having infinite amount of turns. You can achieve this through Razaketh, the Foulblooded (you'll always have enough creatures because Muldrotha, the Gravetide) or through other more creative ways. I have yet to find all of them but one of more interesting ones is using Muldrotha, the Gravetide to replay Eternal Witness to get back Vampiric Tutor to your hand. Play Vampiric Tutor to get Timestream Navigator
    on top of your deck. Draw Timestream Navigator through a fetch land/The Gitrog Monster (you'll always have enough fetch lands because Muldrotha, the Gravetide).

    4)Another way to sort of to permanently "stax" the board would be through the oblivion stone and/or mindslaver which i haven't put in deck yet nor play-tested.

    Keep in mind I have yet to play test this deck and there will be a lot of changes coming to it. I am not a perfect deck builder nor anything so I would really appreciate if you would comment what changes to make and why. Thank you!


    Sideboard price: 56.90 € | $ 72.02

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