Intruding is Unwise (Omnath, Locus of Mana) (EDH / Commander)

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    Omnath, the "flickering heart," is a divine manifestation of the wild and chaotic mana of Zendikar, an elemental being that can be found in some incarnation in many creation myths of the plane.

    Despite the uncertainty of Omnath's actual existence, a real site on a high mesa of Ondu was dubbed the "Prison of Omnath". The site was safeguarded by a binding circle of strange globular swamp-growths, stone hedrons, and animal bones. The circle created an eerie sensation in those who approached it, deterring them from approaching the circle's center, where a huge pit leads deep into the ground. Those who got too close died to the destructive surges of power that lashed out from the circle.

    Religious pilgrims from across Zendikar traveled to the Prison of Omnath on a twice-yearly basis to perform the "Ritual of Lights", a ceremony designed to protect the world from the release of Omnath. During the events leading up to the Rise of the Eldrazi, however, the ritual was disrupted and Omnath was set loose.

    Omnath really loves green mana and acts as a combined mana battery and scary sized beater. For these reasons he is a major target and it is essential to protect him with enchantments, repeatable fog, equipment are a must. It is important not to build the deck as completly dependant upon Omnath, hence the inclusion of a large number of scalable hydra's and other beasts for when the inevitable tuck effects start to ruin your day in the woods.

    Alot of mana ramp is really key, green being the best colour for that Omnath can grow at an exponential rate, especially if Seedborn Muse and Doubling Cube OMG Omnath at 100/100 or greater, yeah no problem, this is why he is such a target.

    Card draw and scry effects are essential in all decks and this is no exception, Abundance, Elemental Bond and Sylvan Library being the all stars here. 10 tree tutor cards have proven their worth in gaining mana advantage quickly and helping survive wrath effects, basic lands are snow covered due to otherwise helping any green opponent with Extraplanar Lens.

    Only the best mana dorks here, and not too many of them as they are fragile and a target. Providing one extra mana isnt enough, we need alot of mana from these guys to make them worth the risk. Constant Mists really shines against wraths, Ascetism, Canopy Cover and Dense Foliage protect Omnath and his pets from targetted triggery, commander tuck is the last thing you want.

    A good selection of pump effects to increase the power of the already massive beasts lurking within the trees.

    Mainly hydras for flavour and power. Eldrazi in some ways would be better as a way to get around the protection from green effects and they are just rather evil. That being said, these hydras are not that friendly either. Defense of the Heart and Genesis Wave are insane at dropping in a few select creatures or in waves case, most of your entire library if your mana battery has got over 40.

    Elvish Piper and Norwood Priestess are great for casting in big creatures before you have the available mana. Stonehoof Chieftain and Pathbreaker Ibex are trample givers with massive damage amplification attached to decent sized bodies.

    And lastly Triumph of the Hordes is just a nasty suprise, really really nasty.




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