Butcher with Juice (Kozilek, Butcher of truth by Juwdah) (EDH / Commander)

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    The first 5 turns.
    What you need to understand when piloting this deck is, your general brings the juice. This means that your games will start out as a race. You partial mulligan AWAY ALL of your utility pieces, and aim to get atleast 2 mana rocks/ untap effects like Sol ring, Mana vault or Thran Dynamo in your hand accompanied by 2 - 3 lands. This will ensure you that you can cast kozilek on turn 4 - 6 (most often on turn 5), REFILL YOUR HAND and set the tempo for the board. All players will have to react on such an early eldrazi, and the tempo will be set. Time to assemble your machine.

    In my meta, Kozilek will be answered. There isn't much protection on him really. He has a big butt and that's about it. But is this a problem? No! This is what is supposed to happen. More often than not, he dies before it's my turn again, and, more often than not, I recast him the next turn. That is the juice, that is kozilek. A very very threatening Opportunity. Due to his card draw engine, you refill your hand with more land, more rocks and more utility. And by recasting him, you keep doing it. Mid-game is all about assembling your machine while the opponents deal with Kozilek himself. You use excess mana to set up your artifacts and start building a nice board. Just remember, DON'T LOSE TEMPO.

    If it gets to late game, you should have a nice board setup. You can start abusing all the interaction and synergy artifacts have. Certain engines will pop up like Nevinyrral's Disk + Darksteel Forge, Clock of Omens + Myr Turbine and even soft-locks with Null brooch and unwinding clock, gets better with clock of omens/voltaic key in the mix. Your deck creates some sort of control aspect to wrap up the Beatdown-aspect of this deck, and you know control loves a recurring card draw engine. When unstopped you will automatically combo out somehow due to all the synergy this deck brings. Most common would be Spine of ish Sah accompanied by Krark-clan Ironworks, Sculpting steel and a Semblance Anvil-like effects or stumble upon infinite mana and a sac-outlet for Kozilek, butcher of truth. You might have to over-extend here, and as such create winning board set-ups. It's important to keep your lock-pieces up and disrupt as much as possible. Torpor Orb/Null brooch/etc are your friends.

    All around
    Offcourse, games will not always go as smooth, Kozilek taking a hinder isn't much fun (neither is it with any General, in any deck really.). So you will have to change to a more control-oriented playstyle when he gets tucked. Remember though! You STILL get to draw your 4 cards when Kozilek gets Hinder - Spellcrumpled. Making sure you are not crippled as soon as turn 5.



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