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Big Daddy's Sleepy Goodstuff : Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle (EDH / Commander)

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    Big daddy Arixmethes has consistently been one of the most enjoyable Commander decks I have built to date. Each game is varied, the toolbox style of the list lends itself to multiple answers and wins with lines constructed from limited resources... I've found this list to be sufficient interaction to have an engaging and fun game against most sub-cedh / high power lists. It's not so linear that you'll be playing the same game over and over since there are a few lines that can work... while technically a sacrifice in efficiency, it's a lot more fun (Thassa's Oracle piles get old fast).

    Arixmethes is half of an infinite green mana combo in the command zone and will consistently jumps you from 4 mana to 7 on the next untap.

    Simic goodstuff is a thing, and so is Biovisionary - which is a pet card I've wanted to build around because it is an alternative wincon that doesn't require waiting until the next turn: it triggers on our end step. As such, the deck plays an interactive game finding opportune moments to patch together the infinite mana generation with a payoff card to dig into something like a Biovisionary + multiple Spitting Image casts via retrace. Arixmethes is telegraphed with counters ticking down giving opportunities for your pod to interact, and while dodging most typical removal it has a rough time with Strip Mines and Cleansing Wildfires etc (thus multiple other mana/untap dorks that can be flashed or hasted in and be enchanted). Beatdown and value grind also work, plus Finale of Devastation can end games.

    Some of the conditional tutors are a bit cute for reuseable value (ie Fierce Empath), if Opposition Agent becomes big in your meta consider dropping these and certain ramp spells (three visits, nature's lore).

    This list is a result of iteration to the point where the deck still has its soul but can be considered pubstompy against low power playgroups. Sideboard offers a lot of possibilities to slow it down by a few turns and reduce budget taking out fast mana etc - recommend moving in birthing pod value lines.




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