Self-mill / Mill (U/W) Naru-Meha/Drowned Secrets (Standard)

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    Alternative Mana (2)

    Key Combo Pieces (9)

    Drowned Secrets
    Use for self-mill until you get the other combo pieces. Nice if you have Crucible of Worlds or Teshar in hand/play.
    Release to the Wind
    This is needed for the infinite combo with Naru Meha. Can also be used as semi-removal of planeswalkers or creatures with counters or to save a Naru Meha already on the board..

    Creatures (16)

    Daring Archaeologist
    2nd kill condition with infinite counters. Can also fetch Crucible of Worlds or Diamond Mare.
    Diamond Mare
    Name blue. Gain life while waiting for combo pieces. Can gain infinite life with combo.
    Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle
    Payback for self-mill.


    This U/W deck uses Drowned Secrets (1U) from GRN for self-mill while building into an ultimate kill with a one turn wipe of the opponents library. Alternative win conditions are infinite counters on Daring Archaelogist or bringing back a library full of creatures with Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle.

    The deck needs to get to a situation where you are able to cast Release to the Wind (2U) and Naru-Meha (2UU), not necessarily, but ordinarily on the same turn.

    The general sequence with Naru Meha is that you first cast Release to the Wind (targeting any nonland permanent on the board). As Naru Meha has flash, you cast Naru Meha targeting the Release to the Wind on the stack. This copies the spell and you choose Naru Meha as the target, which exiles Naru Meha. You may now cast Naru Meha for free and at instant speed due to flash, copying Release to the Wind and repeating the cycle as many times as you'd wish.

    With Diamond Mare included I think it's pretty resilient to any damage deck.

    An optimal start would be:
    1. Any land
    2. Island + Diamond Mare
    3. Island + Naban + Mox Amber + Drowned Secrets
    4. Any land
    Opponents turn. Hornswoggle or Spell Pierce giving one treasure (or cast Naru Meha and then 2x RttWs next turn)
    5. Any land + Release to the Wind + Naru Meha

    Opponent is out of cards and you have infinite life.

    The tricky matches would most likely be to a Teferi/Nexus of Faith deck, but in these situations we could just mill the opponent and sideboard the Sorcerous Spyglasses.

    Are there too many win more cards in here? Would a mono-blue version with Diamond Mares work better?


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