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Enlightened Control Esper (Legacy)

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    The premise of this deck started when I saw someone use Enlightened Tutor in a miracles variant years ago, and since then I have slowly been building this deck. I tried a Jeskai variant but so far the Esper version seems to work much better.

    You control the field while slowly building up to either a Thopter/Sword combo or Jace, and at times even winning with Humility on the field with one of your equipments attached to a Thopter or Spirit.

    Enlightened Tutor while technically loses you a card, you get to get a specific card out of your deck which if used right will typically shift the tides greatly in your favor. Facing a deck with a lot of creatures of Sneak and Show? You get Humility. Running low on cards and need to stall out a bit? Get Ensnaring Bridge. Know your facing Show and Tell? Cast out. Etc etc, you get the idea.

    I was originally running a list with no creatures or lingering souls and more board wipes, but it became harder versus aggressive decks and at times I couldn't even close the games. With this version I can't get a lot of card advantage with Terminus but it should be more consistant and should help me survive longer (in theory).

    This deck does good against fair decks, but has a hard time against combo or uber aggressive decks (like burn or infect). Thats where sideboard comes in. You then set up the helminator combo against very aggressive decks and even certain combo decks, where attacking with creatures does not seem as feasible.




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