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Abrupt DecayAbrupt DecayAbrupt DecayAbrupt DecayBlessings of NatureBlessings of NatureBurst of StrengthBurst of StrengthCorpsejack MenaceDeadly AllureDeathrite ShamanDeathrite ShamanDread SummonsEntombEntombEntombEvolving WildsEvolving WildsForestForestForestForestForestGlissa, the TraitorGrim FlayerGrim FlayerGrim FlayerHardened ScalesHardened ScalesHardened ScalesHardened ScalesKalonian HydraLiliana's IndignationLiliana's IndignationLlanowar RebornLlanowar RebornLlanowar RebornLlanowar RebornMaelstrom PulseMaelstrom PulseManagorger HydraManagorger HydraMox EmeraldMox JetOb Nixilis, the FallenPrimordial HydraProtean HydraProtean HydraProtean HydraSoul SwallowerSpider UmbraSpider UmbraSuffer the PastSuffer the PastSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampTarmogoyfTarmogoyfTarmogoyfTerramorphic ExpanseTerramorphic ExpanseUndergrowth ChampionUndergrowth ChampionVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsVerdant Catacombs

Cytoplast Root-KinHunger of the HowlpackPhyrexian HydraPhyrexian HydraReaper of the WildsSpiritmongerSpiritmongerTemple of MaladyVampire NighthawkWild Beastmaster