Competitive Simic Counter Merfolk (Standard)

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    This deck revolves almost entirely around the Simic +1/+1 counters theme using the Merfolk tribe to abuse it. The main idea is to slam Merfolk and spread the counter love to grow bigger and to draw cards with the help of Zegana and Shapers of Nature (pushed to the sideboard for long grindy matchups).

    Main board plan is +1/+1 counters, explore and wildgrowth walker against aggro (life gain, counters and trample with Zegana) along side some cheap removal and spot removal/and board clear protection in the form of dive down and spell pierce.

    Side board plan is lots of counter magic (the other kind of counters this deck emphasizes): disdainful for sweepers o r big creatures, negates and spell pierce for any scary non creature spell (mainly sweepers or removal). Blink is to slow your opponents tempo or counter their threat on the way back down. Crushing Canopy is self explanatory, Shapers of Nature is a mana sink for long grindy matchups to keep up with card draw. Entrancing melody to steal important cards from opponents on the cheap (Gate Breaker Ram, Hydroid Krasis, Wildgrowth Walker, etc.)

    Maybeboard could be included for certain matchups or for fun. But they seem a little less than optimal.


    Sideboard price: 5.78 € | $ 3.45


    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19)!

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