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Aether FlashAggravated AssaultBrightflameBurnished HartCascade BluffsChandra's IgnitionCounterfluxCyclonic RiftDestructive ForceDovin's VetoDowsing Dagger // Lost ValeDowsing Dagger // Lost ValeDuelist's HeritageExpansion // ExplosionFall of the ThranFelidar UmbraFiresong and SunspeakerGilded LotusInfernoJiwari, the Earth AflameKeldon FirebombersMana GeyserMystic GateOn Serra's WingsOpal PalacePrismatic GeoscopeProfound JourneyReforge the SoulRugged PrairieRush of BloodSingle CombatSolemn SimulacrumStaff of NinSteel of the GodheadSunforgerSwell of CourageSword of the AnimistThassa, God of the SeaThe Immortal SunThran DynamoTrue ConvictionVolcanic IslandWildfireWinds of AbandonWurmcoil Engine