[GRN] Golgari Stompy (Standard)

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    Just my take on the rotation with the GB steel leaf stompy deck that was in the last meta. Steel Leaf Champion is still very strong, the addition of Nullhide Ferox gave us a solid 4 drop regardless of power on the battlefield. I personally felt Ghalta was good in last meta, but Ravnica gave us quite a few destroy and exile spells that it felt like a dead card in hand in most match-ups I've tested. Because of the addition of so many destruction spells, Charnel Troll seems like a decent back-up plan. Not only does it have trample, if there are early trades or destroy/counters, it already has fuel. The addition of the Kraul Harpooner is probably not needed as a 4-of in the decklist, however, not knowing the meta, I am lead to believe that Doom Whisperer might make an appearance or two. Not to mention it is still a solid 2-drop. Pelt Collector really shines in this deck, huge 1-drop that always threatens to get bigger on either player's turn. Jadelight Ranger let's us explore twice and either find lands, big threats or dump small creatures for the troll to eat. Thorn Lieutenant is still as viable as last meta, solid 2-drop that threatens another body when targeted as well as a late game mana-sink. Lastly, Vine Mare is always a solid choice, I used 3 main-board last meta and never failed. Another hexproof big body that also cannot be blocked by black creatures is a bonus with so many strong choices for black in Ravnica.

    Sideboard is up for changes as the meta changes and settles. From my testing and experience, this is the sideboard I will need against friends, play-group and others that play at my LGS.

    DISCLAIMER This is NOT a final list nor do I claim it to be. It is merely a prediction on the shaping meta and is subject to change. I know my friends, their deck's, plans and the majority of my LGS' meta and playstyle, my card choices may not be suitable for you, your friends or the meta at your LGS. Thank you.


    Sideboard price: 50.83 € | $ 22.12

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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