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Atraxa - Super Friends (EDH / Commander)

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F is for Friends who do stuff together

U is for U and me

N is for aNywhere and aNytime at all down here in the deep blue see!

> Introduction

Atraxa Superfriends is one of my favorite decks. I like planeswalkers and I like the idea of playing them and using some of them together and seeing how they synergize. Atraxa provides the 4 colors needed to play the most common and strongest planeswalkers. Unfortunately, Atraxa is missing red for some other planeswalkers like Bolas but with her proliferate ability and her strong body she is a great superfriends commander. I've been playing this deck now for a long time and I've played against plenty of decks with different themes and power levels. I can say that this deck can stand against strong decks and can be extremely fast and flexible. The planeswalkers all have different abilities and you can combine them to make some crazy stuff. There will always be something new to explore if you combine some planeswalker abilities. There are a lot of different combo possibilities which I will mention in the single card discussion for each planeswalker.

> Strengths and Weaknesses

> Strengths

  • Strong colors with extremely strong cards to remove, draw or ramp.
  • Planeswalkers are strong cards with a lot of different abilities and combinations, so it's not easy to understand the strategy as an enemy.
  • Emblems can't be removed and will give a huge advantage.
  • Strong against decks with just a few creatures.

> Weaknesses

  • Swarming is a problem, so fast aggro decks will be tough to beat.
  • Vulnerable to cards like Immortal Sun and decks with a huge amount of control.
  • Vulnerable to decks with ping effects that can ping the planeswalkers

> Strategy

The strategy is pretty simple; try to win with your planeswalkers. The problem is, there are no planeswalker which say "you win the game" so how do you win with planeswalkers? The best way is to use the last ability of some planeswalkers (I like to call them ultimate because they are insanely strong). I will mention some ultimate abilities later, but let's check some key cards which will help us to use the ultimate abilities.

> Key Cards / Enabler

  • Doubling Season
    My favorite card is Doubling Season. This card is very simple and one of the most important cards. It will let your planeswalkers enter with twice the number of loyalty counters.
    This means that your Liliana, Dreadhorde General will enter with 12 loyalty counters, so you can play her and use her ultimate ability instantly. After that happens, most of the games are over because nobody recovers from this ability. It also doubles the amount of the number of counters from proliferate effects, but not from simply using planeswalker abilities.
    But that's not all. Doubling Season will also double the number of tokens, which mean your Bitterblossom will make two tokens instead of just one or your Tezzeret, Artifice Master will create two thopters instead of one.

  • Deepglow skate
    This card can double the amount of loyalty counter on your planeswalkers. This is another option to instantly use the ultimate ability of a planeswalker like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. It can also help you keep your planeswalkers alive, especially for planeswalkers without an ultimate ability like Tamiyo, Collector of Tales. You are able to use her minus ability more times if she has more loyalty counters. Still, you should use this card to double the loyalty counters on one of the "winning" planeswalkers mentioned in the planeswalker section.

  • Carth the Lion
    This creature is absolutely nice. He can reduce the cost of a minus ability and increase the amount of loyalty counters from a plus ability. Also, he can bring a planeswalker into your hand with his etb, and if one of your planeswalkers die you can go for another one. He is also a strong 3/5 which can protect your planeswalkers from creatures.
    In combination with Oath of Teferi or The Chain Veil, you are able to instantly use the ultimate ability of some planeswalker like Liliana, Dreadhorde General, Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset, Narset Transcendent, Tamiyo, Field Researcher, Liliana Vess, Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Vraska the Unseen and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by using their plus ability first and then their ultimate ability."

  • Pir, Imaginative Rascal & Lae'zel, Vlaakith's Champion
    Another nice legendary creature which can defend your planeswalkers if needed. Pir/Lae'zel will increase the loyalty counter plus one if a planeswalker enters the battlefield, if a planeswalker use their plus ability, and if a proliferate effect would increase the number of loyalty counters. For example, Atraxa, Praetors' Voice and Pir, Imaginative Rascal are on the battlefield, and we are playing Teferi, Master of Time. Teferi will enter with 4 counters, if we use his plus ability, he will get plus two counters and has 6 counters now. If we end the turn and proliferate with Atraxa he will get two counters again and have 8 counters now. So Pir will increase the speed of all your planeswalkers and is similar to Doubling Season and Carth the Lion.

  • Oath of teferi / The Chain veil
    These cards let us use our planeswalkers twice in a turn. Both are great in this deck, but they are a bit different.
    Oath of Teferi also has an etb effect and can blink something like Eternal Witness, Mana Vault, Bojuka Bog or a planeswalker with low loyalty counters to bring them back with more loyalty counters if needed.
    The Chain Veil has an activated ability which will allow us to use planeswalker abilities twice. We can use this ability multiple times to increase the number of possible ability activations multiple times. With the correct cards on board and with Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset or Teferi, Temporal Archmage we are able to untap The Chain Veil and also some mana rocks or lands. If we have enough mana, we can use the activated ability of The Chain Veil a few times and maybe use the ultimate ability of a planeswalker after we used their plus ability a few times.

> Planeswalkers

> Winning Planeswalkers

  • Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
    This guy is a pretty strong and expensive (mana costs) planeswalker. He can deal DMG with his plus ability and kill some creatures like Krenko, Mob Boss, Riku of Two Reflections, or some other annoying creatures, or just deal DMG to a player or enemy planeswalker.
    His -X ability is a nice mass removal with exile for colored permanents.
    His ultimate ability is nuts, but kind of gambling as well. You will draw seven cards, get seven life and can bring seven permanents into play. With an enabler (like Doubling Season) and a good planeswalker you can win the game immediately. If not, you can also play lands and other stuff for free to create advantage.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Liliana, Dreadhorde General
    This Liliana is less of a gamble than Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and less restrictive than Liliana Vess.
    Her plus ability makes a token which can defend your planeswalkers, and if the token dies you can draw a card, and with Doubling Season you will get two tokens.
    Her minus ability is an impressive removal effect which makes everyone sacrifice two creatures. In this deck we have only 8 creatures and two of them (Academy Rector and Arena Rector) are just there to be sacrificed, so the drawback isn't huge. Also, if we sac two creatures, we can draw two cards.
    Her ultimate ability is just game breaking. Your enemies have to sac their whole board and can just keep one card of every type. Your enemies have no chance to recover from this kind of removal, and you can win with whatever you like.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Jace, Architect of Thought
    A versatile planeswalker with a very interesting ultimate ability.
    His plus ability lets him protect himself and the other planeswalkers and in combination with Humility this is a very strong protection.
    His minus ability is a weaker version of Fact or Fiction but still a nice way to get some cards in your hand without drawing them (especially if someone is playing a Notion Thief or a Narset, Parter of Veils).
    The ultimate ability can win the game, but it depends on the decks of your enemies. You can search each library and have to check which cards can win the game or help you to win the game. Good cards to search for are strong cards like Expropriate, Time Stretch, Omniscience, Spark Double, Doubling Season, Mob Rule or whatever is useful in the current situation. You can also go for a planeswalker if your enemies are playing some of them. This ultimate ability is a bit of a gamble, but in most cases I will win the game with this ability.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Liliana Vess
    This Liliana isn't as good at winning the game as Liliana, Dreadhorde General but has some nice tools and can still win the game.
    Her plus ability isn't a big deal, it is just a discard ability.
    Her minus ability is an Imperial Seal and can help you to get the card you need.
    Furthermore, her ultimate is absolutely depending on the situation. If there is nothing special in the graveyards, she can't win the game, but if there are a lot of stuff in the graveyard, we can create a huge boardstate advantage or even win the game. She is an enjoyable planeswalker if someone is playing a mill deck or against decks like Meren of Clan Nel Toth or Muldrotha, the Gravetide.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

> Emblem Planeswalkers

  • Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
    Teferi, also known as the fun police, is a really strong planeswalker.
    His plus ability is a draw effect and lets us untap two lands to have enough mana for a counter like Mana Drain or a removal spell like Assassin's Trophy.
    His minus is a great bounce into the library effect, which can help us against some big threats.
    The last ability is an extremely nasty emblem. His emblem allows us to exile any permanent an enemy controls, just for drawing a card. So, if we control Sylvan Library with the emblem, we can exile 3 permanents each turn just in the draw step. Remember, you don't need to keep all the cards drawn by Sylvan Library in your hand. Also, other draw effects like his plus ability or Tezzeret's Gambit are now exile removal as well as a draw. With this emblem, we have a huge advantage and can control the boards of our enemies.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Teferi, Temporal Archmage
    The next Teferi is also a strong planeswalker (like every Teferi). The main reason for this planeswalker is not his emblem, although his emblem is still really nice.
    His plus ability is a Sleight of Hand.
    His minus ability is the main reason to play this planeswalker in this deck. He can untap four permanents, which is pretty impressive in combination with The Chain Veil. He can untap The Chain Veil and (for example) a Mana vault, Mana Crypt, Ancient Tomb, Bloom tender or a Sol Ring and some lands. So, you can use The Chain Veil and Teferi, Temporal Archmage multiple times to let some other planeswalkers use their ability multiple times. The same is possible with Teferi, Temporal Archmage, The Chain Veil and Oath of Teferi. If you also control an Aminatou, the Fateshifter you can blink Teferi, Temporal Archmage and use him again.
    His emblem is pretty fun but not really necessary. Still, using abilities at instant speed is a huge advantage and can help you in many situations.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset
    Again, a Teferi planeswalker. They're all so strong that I have to put all of them into this deck.
    His plus ability is similar to the plus ability of Garruk Wildspeaker, so he has replaced Garruk Wildspeaker in this deck. His plus ability is way more flexible and can untap a land and stuff like Mana Vault, The Chain Veil, Mana Crypt, Sol Ring and also a creature, and it will give 2 life points. Or just tap stuff from enemies. With The Chain Veil, Bloom Tender and one Land you can go infinite by untaping those 3 permanents and use The Chain Veil to be able to use Teferi again.
    His minus ability is an Anticipate.
    Teferis emblem is nice, but not a game breaker for this deck. His emblem is a combination of a Seedborn Muse and a draw engine. Unfortunately, we don't play a lot of instants, and we don't have a flash enabler like Vedalken Orrery in this deck, so the Seedborn Muse effect won't have a huge impact but is still pretty impressive to have.
    Same turn ultimately with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Tezzeret, Artifice Master
    And again, a Tefe...oh wait it is a Tezzeret planeswalker, and this guy is pretty nice.
    His plus ability will create a flying thopter (or two with Doubling Season) which can protect our planeswalkers, and it is an artifact, and it will synergize with his zero ability as well.
    His zero ability is a draw ability. Draw one card or draw two if you control at least 3 artifacts.
    His emblem is an impressive onboard tutor. We can just search for any permanent and bring it onto the battlefield. Search for stuff like Doubling Season, Oath of Teferi, Deepglow Skate or if you need protection go for Humility, Tainted Aether or Shalai, Voice of Plenty.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
    Jace is pretty simple. His plus ability is Opt, his minus ability is Unsummon. His emblem is an Erayo's Essence (Erayo, Soratami Ascendant). If you get this emblem, your enemies will have a really hard time.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Tamiyo, Field Researcher
    Tamiyo is a very flexible planeswalker with nice abilities.
    Her plus ability let you draw cards if you choose the correct creatures. You can choose your own creature or the creatures from your enemies.
    Her minus ability is a way better Dreamcaller Siren. You can tap some annoying artifacts or creatures, and they won't untap during the controller's next untap step. A good way to protect yourself or block some enemies.
    Her ultimate let you draw 3 cards and will give you an emblem with the same effect as Omniscience. So, from this point you can play whatever you like from your hand without paying the mana costs.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Narset Transcendent
    The best part of this Narset is her emblem. Her other abilities are not bad but also not as good as from the other planeswalkers.
    Her plus ability lets us put a card into our hand if it's not a creature or land. We have only 8 creatures in this deck, so this shouldn't be a problem at all.
    Her minus ability will give our next spell rebound, which can be pretty nice.
    Her emblem is absolutely disgusting, but in combination with Humility or Tainted Aether this emblem is a lock down. Against decks with non-creature-based win cons this emblem is the ultimate stax piece and with some mass removal it is easy to hold back the creature-based decks because they can only play creatures and nothing else. Also, a Cyclonic Rift with overload in combination with this emblem will throw the enemies far back.
    same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

  • Kaya the Inexorable
    The last of our emblem planeswalkers is Kaya the Inexorable.
    Her plus ability is a semi protection for our commander or some other creatures like Pir, Imaginative Rascal or Lae'zel, Vlaakith's Champion. The spirit token is also a good blocker for our planeswalkers.
    Her minus ability is removal for threats.
    Lastly, her ultimate will give us an emblem which can be very useful and gives us a huge advantage since we can bring back stuff from the grave and even from exile.
    Same turn ultimate with Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate is possible.

> Staxing Planeswalkers

  • Ashiok, Dream Render
    Ashiok is a great stax piece to stop enemies from searching their library with cards like Demonic Tutor, but also Cultivate or fetchlands.
    Her minus will mill someone for 4 cards and then exile all enemy graveyards which is perfect against combo decks and graveyard decks like the Gitrog Monster, Meren of Clan Nel Toth or Muldrotha, the Gravetide. With luck, we can mill some important combo pieces.

  • Narset, Parter of Veils
    Narset is our Leovold, Emissary of Trest. Just stop the enemy draw engines and stop them from getting more cards.
    Her minus is a weaker version of Impulse but still a good way to get some cards into your hand.

  • Teferi, Time Raveler
    Another Teferi and this planeswalker is also very strong like all the Teferis. Enemies can only cast at sorcery-speed and can't use counterspells any more so play this before you want to cast something significant. The enemies have to counter Teferi, or they won't counter anything.
    His plus is a flash enabler for sorceries which can be pretty nice. Playing a Toxic Deluge with instant speed is a pretty big surprise.
    His minus will bounce a nonland and non-planeswalker card and draw a card. So, for three mana you can bounce something and draw a card and block instantspells and flash.

> Utility Planeswalkers

  • Aminatou, the Fateshifter
    One of my favorite planeswalkers in this deck.
    Her plus ability lets us draw a card and put one card on top again. This is nice for top deck tutors like Liliana Vess or Vampiric tutor.
    Her minus ability flickers and is also the main reason why I'm playing this planeswalker. This ability can be used in many ways. Some examples:
    Flicker Mana Vault or any other rock or land to get more mana.
    Flicker a planeswalker to give them back their starting loyalty counters and use them twice. Also, if you played Doubling Season later in the turn, you can flicker the planeswalker on the field to get their counters doubled (no need to play the planeswalker after Doubling Season). With Ugin and Doubling Season, you could use his ultimate twice.
    Flicker a creature like Deepglow Skate to use his etb twice.
    Flicker, Karn's Bastion to proliferate again.
    You can also flicker Teferi, Temporal Archmage to use his minus ability again. With The Chain Veil + Mana Vault/Sol Ring/Ancient Tomb/Mana crypt and 3 Lands (or any other mana source) you can go infinite. This is because you can use Teferi till he has 1 loyalty counter left, then you can use Aminatou's plus ability 1-2 times and afterwards use her minus ability to flicker Teferi and bring him back with 5 loyalty counters. After that you can use Teferi's abilities one additional time for all the times you activated The Chain Veil. Use Teferi till he is at 1 loyalty counter again and flicker him again with Aminatou. Repeat this as much as you want and afterwards you should be able to draw your deck and generate infinite mana. Be sure to use Aminatou's plus ability some times since she needs some loyalty counter for her minus ability.
    Her ultimate is just a yolo move, but in the right situation it can help a lot.

  • Teferi, Master of Time
    The last Teferi isn't as strong as the other Teferis but still very flexible and for just 4 mana very strong.
    He can use his abilities at instant speed which means we can use his plus ability every turn to build up his loyalty counters.
    His plus ability let us draw a card and discard a card. So, discard cards which you won't need. Try to use it every turn to build up loyalty counters and to draw the cards you require.
    His minus will phase out a creature and can be used to "remove" combo enablers or other important creatures if required.
    His ultimate is a Time Stretch without a target. With cards like Carth the Lion or Pir, Imaginative Rascal it shouldn't be a problem to get to 10 loyalty counters quickly.

  • Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
    The second Tamiyo is for protection and recursion.
    Her static ability protects you from Torment of Hailfire, Single Combat, Plaguecrafter, and other discard and sacrifice cards.
    Her plus ability can draw you a card with top deck tutors like Vampiric or Liliana Vess.
    Not only that, but her minus ability is a recursion spell. Good in combination with her plus ability, or just to bring back some nice stuff.

  • Oko, Thief of Crowns
    Oko the powerhouse. This guy is banned in almost every format, and this for a good reason.
    This guy is nuts. His first plus ability will create a food token. Yeah, not game changing but wait.
    His second plus ability —yeah that's right— second PLUS ability is a Kenrith's Transformation without the draw effect, but instead you can also target artifacts. So just elk the commanders or some annoying artifacts like Darksteel Forge for the plus ability... pretty impressive. I don't need to explain how strong this is.
    His minus ability lets you exchange your food token with a creature an opponent controls with power 3 or less. Some examples: Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, Urza, Lord High Artificer, Krenko, Mob Boss, Riku of Two Reflections, and Zur the Enchanter

  • The Eternal Wanderer
    The Wanderer is not our strongest planeswalker, and she is quite expensive at six mana, but she is still very flexible and can help in different situations.
    Her static can protect herself a bit and works well with her 0 ability.
    Her plus ability can be used very flexible, as a flicker for our own stuff or as a showstopper for enemy stuff since it will enter at the end step of the owner.
    Her 0 ability will create a nice blocker with 2/2 and double strike.
    Her minus is something like a mass removal and can be used as soon as se enters the battlefield.

> Protection

The planeswalkers need to be protected, and the main problems for them are creatures, so this deck runs a few options to protect planeswalkers.

Also, some mass removal like

> Proliferate

This deck doesn’t run a lot of proliferate effects because I prefer cards like Doubling Season, Deepglow Skate, Carth the Lion, Oath of Teferi and The Chain Veil which will bring more value than just "counter +1".
But still, we have some proliferate effects in this deck.

  • Atraxa, Praetors' Voice: Our commander, the easiest and main way to proliferate, and she can also block to protect our planeswalkers.
  • Karn's Bastion: A land which can also proliferate. Pretty nice with a rock or land which can produce at least 2 mana and Teferi, Temporal Archmage.
  • Ichormoon Gauntlet: Planeswalkers can be used to proliferate with this card, and also each noncreature spell can provide a loyalty counter.

> Single Card Discussion

> Other

> Exclusions

> Changelog & other sites

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Also Check my Decks on Moxfield :




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