Overgrown Zombies (Standard)

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    This deck plays like a Golgari midrange deck with a focus on tutored zombies and graveyard milling. So far, there are a ton of synergies that make it dynamic, fun to play, and multiple win scenarios. It's virtually undefeated against kitchen table play of modern goblin aggro, modern artifacts, modern sliver, and standard golgari midrange.

    Early Game
    - Stitcher's supplier, Erstwhile Trooper, and Graveyard Marshal help pump the graveyard with creatures and become formidable threats when tutored with Death Baron.
    - Glowspore Shaman and Llanowar Elves also mana fix with additional mill capacity.
    - Journey to Eternity prevents early attacks and blocks (most opponents try to avoid transforming it early game)
    - Plaguecrafter for early game removal and force flipping Journey to Eternity

    Mid Game
    - Liliana, Untouched by Death adds superior mill, life gain, and removal capability against early big threats
    - Underrealm Lich, Doom Whisperer, and Molderhulk help with card fixing while also acting as mid game finishers
    - Rise from the Grave/ Journey to Eternity give you mid game potential to finish a game with a graveyard Impervious Greatwurm or Izoni, Thousand Eyed

    Win Scenarios
    - Sometimes you just grind them down with a bunch of tutored deathtouch zombies
    - A Molderhulk on turn 3 can do some serious damage with mana fixing and milling creatures into your graveyard
    - Grind your opponent with Doom Whisperer, Underrealm Lich and a couple tutored zombies
    - Re-animate an Izoni or Impervious Greatwurm on turn 4


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    This deck appears to be legal in Standard!

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