Dimir Surveil Mid-Range (Standard)

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    Main Deck
    Get down the Surveil Payoff cards like Thoughtbound Phantasm, Dimir Spybug, and Whispering Snitch with repeatable Surveil cards like Nightveil Sprite and Doom Whisperer to generate huge tempo and value. Good trick is if you have Sprite with either Spybug or Snitch in your hand play the Sprite so when it attacks next turn your Spybug or Snitch will trigger. Keep control of the board with Dead Weight, Price of Fame, and Sinister Sabotage. Blood Operative are there to exile Phoenixes and Jump Start cards with some lifelink to keep you in the game against aggro. What it lacks in traditional card draw it makes up for with digging for the right cards with Surveil.
    Side Boarding
    Against aggro side take out Spybugs for Ritual of Soot, against other Mid-range matchups take out Dead Weights for Artful Takedown, if they have a troublesome Planeswalker take out some Dead Weights for some Vraska's Contempt, and some Phoenix and Jump Start hate with Unmoored Ego subbing in for Dead Weights.
    Hired Poisoner or Nightveil Predator if you see a lot of big Monogreen Hex Proof Creatures decks
    Search for Azcanta because it will aid in you search for the right card
    Chemister's Insight if you feel you need draw
    Enhanced Surveillance to help you dig deeper, faster, and not deck yourself while getting the cards you want.
    On a budget, best place to cut corners in this deck is the mana base use Dimir Guildgate and Submerged Boneyard as place holders till you can get a hold of Watery Grave and Drowned Catacomb
    Another way to save is replacing Contempt with Reaver Ambush for Arclight or Cast Down for Rekindling
    Finally you can take out the Whisperers for a set of Dream Eater but you are then very dependent on your Sprites and can't get insta-wins when you have have more life than your opponent and two plus of Spybug or Thoughtbound on board.


    Sideboard price: 35.55 € | $ 9.63


    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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