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Archon of the TriumvirateArmillary SphereArmored GuardianAtemsis, All-SeeingAugur of BolasBattlewise HopliteBenalish HeraldsBraidwood SextantCommand of UnsummoningConsuming VortexCryptic CommandDampen ThoughtDauntless River MarshalDaxos of MeletisDrogskol CaptainElite ArresterEpiphany at the DrownyardErratic MutationEverdreamEvermindFact or FictionIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandLavinia of the TenthLavinia, Azorius RenegadeLeadership VacuumLyev SkyknightMystic ConfluenceMystic SanctuaryNew Prahv GuildmageParapet WatchersPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRepel IntrudersSpire PatrolThistledown DuoZealous Guardian