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Abzan Battle PriestAbzan FalconerAmbush CommanderAspect of HydraAvacyn's PilgrimBlessed ReversalBlossoming SandsBonds of MortalityBrave the SandsBurst of StrengthCollective EffortCrowned CeratokDazzling ReflectionDeath's PresenceDjeru's ResolveDrove of ElvesDruid's DeliveranceDwynen, Gilt-Leaf DaenElvish ArchdruidElvish SoultillerElvish VanguardEmerald MedallionEssence WardenEvolving WildsEzuri, Renegade LeaderFelidar SovereignForced AdaptationForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestFreyalise, Llanowar's FuryFumigateGaea's HeraldGhost QuarterGleam of AuthorityGrove of the GuardianHarvest SeasonHeroic InterventionHunting TriadImmaculate MagistrateImperious PerfectIntangible VirtueIvy Lane DenizenJoraga WarcallerJungle BasinKhalni GardenKill ShotLys Alana HuntmasterMight of the MassesMolderMyriad LandscapeOak Street InnkeeperOran-Rief, the VastwoodPath of BraveryPhantom GeneralPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPriest of TitaniaPulse of MurasaRhys the RedeemedRighteousnessRiot ControlRootborn DefensesSecond HarvestSelesnya GuildgateSelesnya SanctuarySheltering WordSmite the MonstrousSol RingSpire TracerStrength in NumbersSundering GrowthSylvan OfferingSylvan RangerTalara's BattalionTerramorphic ExpanseThriveThunderfoot BalothTimberwatch ElfTitania's ChosenTransguild PromenadeVitalizeWayfaring TempleWellwisher