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Ajani, the GreatheartedAjani, the GreatheartedAzorius GuildgateAzorius GuildgateAzorius GuildgateBioessence HydraBioessence HydraBoros GuildgateBoros GuildgateDovin's VetoDovin's VetoDovin's VetoDovin's VetoDovin, Hand of ControlDovin, Hand of ControlDovin, Hand of ControlExpansion // ExplosionExpansion // ExplosionGates AblazeGates AblazeGates AblazeGateway PlazaGateway PlazaGateway PlazaGateway PlazaGruul GuildgateGruul GuildgateGuild SummitGuild SummitGuild SummitIzzet GuildgateIzzet GuildgateIzzet GuildgateJace, Wielder of MysteriesKasmina, Enigmatic MentorKasmina, Enigmatic MentorNarset's ReversalNarset's ReversalNarset's ReversalNarset's ReversalNarset, Parter of VeilsNarset, Parter of VeilsPlaza of HarmonyPlaza of HarmonyPlaza of HarmonyPlaza of HarmonySamut, Tyrant SmasherSarkhan the MasterlessSarkhan the MasterlessSelesnya GuildgateSelesnya GuildgateSimic GuildgateSimic GuildgateSimic GuildgateTeferi, Time RavelerTeferi, Time RavelerThe WandererThe WandererUgin, the IneffableUgin, the Ineffable