Animar, Soul of Hydras and Wurms (EDH / Commander)

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    Greetings fellow lurkers! Welcome to my Hydra EDH Deck, this was my first complete deck I've ever built (granted this isn't the original build).

    I chose Animar, Soul of Elements for this because my original plan was to load the deck up with multiple [X] hydras because it would allow me to rebuild Animar should he ever get sent back to the command zone and it would grant a very flexible mana curve. Of course that idea didn't stick around very long as I noticed it lacked any real threats if I couldn't invest the mana into the creatures and most Hydras actually lacked Trample so they were very easily blocked. The deck has since been reworked to have multiple sources of Trample and creatures that are naturally beefy with alternate methods of winning besides slapping your opponents in the face with uh... the private parts of the Hydra.

    Ancestral Statue is an infinite loop provided you have access to a minimum of [10] while Animar, Soul of Elements is on the battlefield. Each time you cast Ancestral Statue simply return itself to your hand then recast for [1] less each time, the first cast with no +1/+1 counters on Animar will cost [4] then [3] next [2] and [1] finally [0] thus netting you infinite +1/+1 counters on Animar. This combo can also be done with Palinchron so as long as you have access to 4U for it's recast and return. Shivan Wurm can also do this in a similar fashion but requires additional cards for the combo as it does not have an ability to untap lands.

    That combo is also a win-con if Purphoros, God of the Forge is in the deck and if you have something like a Primordial Sage you can also draw your entire deck.

    Chandra's Ignition can win you the game provided your opponents don't have a counter ready and you have a large enough creature to target.



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