Blood and Life for Victory (EDH / Commander)

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    Rakdos has earned its natural place as the hands down indisputable color of "weird". A Rakdos deck is not Rakdos if you can't get yourself into a sticky situation. In contrast, white is the color of creative solutions. Hence, I created this deck as an experiment to see what would happen if I tried to balance as many shenanigans as possible in an EDH deck with as many creative solutions as possible? Need an extra turn at two mana? You got it. Need to not lose at your next end step? You got that too. I do not consider this a Mardu deck, because although half the deck has white as a component, this is a Rakdos deck in function. There are at least 20 different win cons, ranging from classics like Final Fortune/Felidar Soveriegn to other classics like Repay in Kind/Near Death Experience and any Life Dump (TM). The beauty of this deck is that there is not one clear path to win, but as many as you can make possible. Enter Licia, Sanguine Tribune. She is the perfect Commander for this deck, because she gives her blood, her life, and all she has for victory. WE give our blood to Warrior's oath and Chance for Glory to achieve victory. WE give our life to doom whisperer and necropotence to achieve victory. WE give All our tutors and extra turns and if you have removal we lose the game moments to achieve victory. Sometimes by turn 6, sometimes never. Licia is the poster child of this deck. Also she is a large body that can gain life and take it away if needed, that will relatively reliably win battles due to first strike. Licia was made to command a high stakes all in terror fest that is this amalgamation. And even if death knocks at your door, there is always angel's grace to save the day



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