Goblin Boi's (EDH / Commander)

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    Idea is Mono red goblins going wide and overrunning everyone.(I wanted to stick to just goblins and what I own.)
    Krenko, Mob Boss is the main Goblin maker here which left unchecked can amass a lot of goblins. Everything else is expendable in the grand scheme of it all, once Krenko get's rolling.

    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin is a backup in a way of amassing goblins.
    Legion Warboss isn't amazing since the token has to attack. Pashalik Mons and Goblin Warrens aren't the best for making more goblins more mana sinks and a way to trigger Impact Tremors, Purphoros, God of the Forge and Pashalik Mons himself.
    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin can get out of hand with Bravado (Also goes well with Tin Street Dodger).

    Piloting this deck can be tricky at times depending what opponents are playing and your opening hand.
    I've had mixed success and failure with going full out aggro at the get go or playing held back until there's a bit of an opening to explode out.
    Generally you want 2-3 lands in hand and some sort of 1 or 2 drop creature. Probably not Skirk Prospector as it's important for Fireball when you have a massive board state and a combo loop with Sword of the Paruns + Krenko, Mob Boss.

    Goblin Lookout and Goblin Piledriver and some important finishers you'll want to try to keep alive or save for a favourable engagement.
    Emergence Zone a sneaky way to set yourself up on someone's end step to finish it if you're going for the more conservative approach.

    Aggro you want to swing out fast and target one person at a time hoping no one has a boardwipe, if someone does gives you 3-4 turns-ish to get in as much as you can before having to rebuild. Longer the game goes the harder it'll be to be successful as you burn out pretty quickly and everyone will just keep removing Krenko, Mob Boss eventually making him too expensive to play. By turn 4-5 there's a possibility of eliminating a player especially with Foundry Street Denizen on turn 1 reaching up to Krenko, Mob Boss when playable.

    Aggro opening hand:

    Conservative route is a bit more flexible though employing mind games and politics will help guize focus away from you till guards are down and you can explode out. Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin plays good into this strategy. Get a few counters, a few goblins to block attacks or even Legion Warboss. You want just enough attention that people won't swing in.

    Conservative opening hand:

    • 3-4 Lands (Depending if you have a mana rock or not, you want to get enough or have enough mana to be able to cast Krenko, Mob Boss than to be stuck on 2 or 3 lands. Seer's Lantern is a decent one since it helps to scry through the deck, not amazing but it helps.)
    • 1 drop or a 2 drop of some kind (Creatures preferably but Quest for the Goblin Lord is an ok opening also.)





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