Izzet Cavalcade (Standard)

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    This deck aims to use Cavalcade of Calamity to its full potential.

    Enablers: Cavalcade is paramount to your success. Without it, this deck is garbage. Tetsuko makes your little pingers unblockable, which helps them survive to trigger Cavalcade again. Tilonalli's Summoner is a great way to trigger Cavalcade a bunch of times, but I'm not 100% sold on it. Maybe Goblin Instigator is better. The Flame of Keld can win games outright thanks to 3-damage Cavalcade triggers.

    Pingers: These are your 1-power creatures. Fanatical Firebrand has haste and can serve as weak removal in desparate situations. Mist-Cloaked Herald is straight-up unblockable, so it won't get stomped by bigger creatures. Siren Stormtamer can prevent some removal and has evasion to boot. Tin Street Dodger has haste and can also become effectively unblockable. Another good creature worth considering is Goblin Instigator, which is 2 mana for 2 1/1s.

    Card Advantage: Light up the Stage and The Flame of Keld are both good card draw engines that can keep you going. While Experimental Frenzy would be totally bonkers here, it's pretty costly at 4 mana.

    Burn: Skewer the Critics is just too good to not put in a deck like this.

    Lands: Cutting down on lands (maybe for something like Spell Pierce to prevent board wipes) is an interesting idea, but between the card advantage, Siren Stormtamer, Tilonalli's Summoner, and Tin Street Dodger, I think you don't want to go too bare bones on mana.



    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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