[WIP] Merica Control (Modern)

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    Hey everyone just decided to make a Merica Control Deck!

    This is the first time I am trying to go in depth like this so I am sorry if I'm not descriptive enough, so please let me know if I am not clear or I need to explain something better in the comments below. :)

    I'm just going to go through why I put each card here.

    [[Opt]]: great efficient cantrip and instant speed

    [[Path to Exile]]: Great against creature that love crawling out of the graveyard even though it gives them a land. I just need to learn when the best time to target the creatures so they can't respond to them.

    [[Lightning Bolt]]: most efficient burn spell out there. I run 4 because it can handle such a variety of creatures or just burn my opponents directly.

    [[Lightning Helix]]: Another great burn spell that can help me stay in the game either by removing creatures or putting pressure on my opponents but hitting them directly.

    [[Remand]]: efficient spell that replaces itself. I am not totally sold on using this card. I could see myself possibly using [[Spell Snare]] or [[Ancestral Vision]] (I have seen a lot of other decks that no longer run this in the main but I don't know why)

    [[Negate]]: Nothing to special here just a decent hard counter spell for Planeswalkers and anything that may come down.

    [[Logic knot]]: lots of deck out there using their graveyard as their second hand so if they aren't likely to put any restictions on using my graveyard either.

    [[Electrolyze]]. great cantrip that deals damage but I am curious about [[Ionize]]

    [[Search for Azcanta]]: Great card that let's me get through the junk I don't need and if I want to I can have it turn in to a land that let's me dig for late game answers. I think two would be the max that I would want to run.

    [[Snapcaster Mage]]: Gives me access to the spells in my graveyard. It has flash so once I stabilize with my mana and am able to hold up counter magic when I cast him the game starts to go in my favor.

    [[Cryptic Command]]: by far one of the best spells in my deck. The ability to control the tempo of the game and either bounce permanents to tapping down creatures to drawing a card to countering a spell it does everything this deck wants to do.

    [[Sphinx's Revelation]] great late game card can dig down and possibly extend the game with the life gain but mainly here for the card draw.

    Mana Base has been tricky for me I am still working out the kinks but here it is so far.

    [[Celestial Colonnade]]: I am running 3 because it is a great win con but I do know that there is a lot of [[Field of Ruin]] and [[Ghost Quarter]] going around and it does suck to have a land come in tapped and it is useless against [[Blood Moon]] so with all these downsides I am might move it down to 2 in the future but I want to try this out. Let me know what you think!

    I don't run a basic mountain because the majority of my lands will be mountains duento blood moon and I think having more access to white mana is better. That is why I am running 2 plains. Also I know that if I come against burn this isn't going to help.

    I run 2 [[Steam Vents]] and [[Hallowed Fountains]] and one [[Sacred Foundry]] to make sure I can have easy access to all of my colors. I also have 1 [[Sulfur Falls]] to help me get easy access to my mana.

    I run 3 islands to make sure if I do get hit by [[Blood Moon]] I can still cast [[Cryptic Command]]

    I am running 2 [[Field of Ruin]] to help me get easier access to my mana also to stop man lands and disrupt my opponents mana

    I am still trying to better at playing control of you have any suggestions they are more than welcome :)




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