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Ash BarrensAsh BarrensAsh BarrensAugur of BolasAugur of BolasAugur of BolasAugur of BolasBrainstormBrainstormBrainstormDispelDispelDispelEvolving WildsEvolving WildsEvolving WildsEvolving WildsGitaxian ProbeGitaxian ProbeGitaxian ProbeGitaxian ProbeGushGushGushGushInside OutInside OutInside OutInside OutIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandMutagenic GrowthMutagenic GrowthMutagenic GrowthPlainsPlainsPonderPonderPreordainPreordainPreordainSeeker of the WaySeeker of the WaySeeker of the WaySeeker of the WayShadow RiftShadow RiftShadow RiftTethmos High PriestTethmos High PriestTireless TribeTireless TribeTireless TribeTireless Tribe

Gut ShotGut ShotHydroblastHydroblastHydroblastJourney to NowhereJourney to NowhereObsidian AcolyteObsidian AcolyteShimmering WingsShimmering WingsSunlanceSunlanceSunlanceTethmos High Priest