RG Vengevine (Modern)

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    Deck based from mtgs deck creation thread:
    (*i strongly suggest to read the 1st page of this thread, credits to mtgs user: izzetmage)

    Insolent Neonate / Merchant of the Vale (Haggle): The primary discard engine for vengevine. (i miss looting)
    Once Upon a Time: A 2 or 3-of, Helps the deck to run low on lands (18) without compromising hitting the 2nd land drop. OUaT also increases the consistency of getting a Neonate or Merchant of the Vale during T1~T2. (OUaT + Merchant of the Vale is our package replacement for looting)
    Gather the Pack / Commune with the Gods: Helps mill Vengevine or the Ox, provide cards to delve or escape and both cards can be cast off a BTE/Herbalist ETB trigger. This is also our best T2 play.

    Vengevine: A 4/3 hasty recurring vegetable. it's super easy to trigger with our creature package specially with BTE and we also have Merchant of the Vale and Ox of Agonas that both counts as a Vengevine trigger that doesn't need to come from hand.
    Reckless Bushwacker: The biggest surprise card in the deck that can turn around games. take note that triggered Vengevine through a Surged Bushwacker also gets the buff.
    Hooting Mandrills: A T3 4/4 Trample nuff said. it doesn't look impressive but combined with a Bushwacker we can have a T3 Hooting Mandrills + Surge Bushwacker + Trigger Vengevine threatening for 12 dmg.
    Ox of Agonas: The new card from THB, the aim is to cast this through escape providing us a backup creature that can be cast from graveyard and help refuel our hand. A successfully cast Ox will likely result to a Vengevine trigger. (sad that it can't be cast from BTE and Herbalist mana).
    Stonecoil Serpent: A Very flexible threat that gets better as the game progresses.

    Sample Gameplay
    T1: Neonate discard Vengevine > Stonecoil Serpent (0) > Trigger Vengevine (4-power)
    T2: BTE > Surge Bushwacker > Trigger Vengevine (10-power)
    T2: BTE > Commune/Gather > Stonecoil Serpent (0) > Trigger Vengevine
    T2: Fetch Land > Hidden Herbalist > BTE > Surge Bushwacker (8-power, just like a traditional 8whack)
    *T3: Hooting Mandrills > Surge Bushwacker > Trigger Vengevine > (12-power)

    Note: the explosiveness is very dependent on the number of vengevine milled.


    Sideboard price: 57.56 € | $ 54.06

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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