Sigarda, Host of Herons EDH 1 vs 1 aggro (EDH / Commander)

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    City of Brass
    Most early game creatures require green mana, whereas Sigarda requires TWO white mana to cast; this 'contradiction' has to be fixed using lots of lands that can produce both kind of mana AND that enters the battlefield untapped.
    Cavern of Souls
    The obvious choice is 'angel'; you can get this on the battlefield before casting Sigarda if you play Knight of Reliquery 1st.
    Forbidden Orchard
    Enters untapped and adds any color of mana. The token your opponent gets is usually irrelevant.
    Hall of the Bandit Lord
    Giving Sigarda haste is almost as good as getting an extra turn; to be more precise, giving Sigarda haste is just as good as ticking your opponent's (death) clock one turn earlier!
    High Market
    Can save any creature from being 'tuked' (that is put on the bottom of your library) and/or can sacrifice Mangara or Fiend Hunter when their abilities are on the stack to make best use of their abilities.
    Dust Bowl
    It's no Armageddon, but it can slow down your opponent, preventing them to cast higher cost spells to answer your threats. The lands you sacrifice to activate it shouldn't matter so much as long as your ramp cards can supply with additional mana sources.
    Ancient Tomb
    If you only got a simple ramp creature on the 1st turn (e.g. Birds of Paradise) and no ramp on the 2nd turn, with Ancient Tomb you can still play Sigarda on the 3rd and you're opponent will probably NOT see it comming.

    Creatures (34)

    Joraga Treespeaker
    Play this on 1st turn, level it up on 2nd and you'll be able to play Sigarda on 3rd turn! =)
    Birds of Paradise
    Good old birds, old school ramp.
    Avacyn's Pilgrim
    Better than Llanowar elves because Avacyn's Pilgrim produces white mana, and Sigarda needs two white mana to be cast.
    Ulvenwald Tracker
    kill, Kill, KILL!
    Mother of Runes
    A good addition to most aggro/voltron decks.
    Grand Abolisher
    Denies your opponents counterspells and/or any surprises during your turn.
    Sylvan Caryatid
    Although it costs two mana, this is a very reliable ramp since it can't be targeted by opponent spells and produces any color of mana.
    Sakura-Tribe Elder
    Cheap, fast, 'Rampant Growth on legs' ramp. Gotta love it! ;)
    Stoneforge Mystic
    Tutoring is always nice; in this deck Stoneforge Mystic can choose from five equipments; choices will depend on board, but I generally go for Skullclamp or Umezawa's Jitte.
    Fauna Shaman
    A super creature tutor! Genesis has good synergy with Fauna Shaman, as well as Scryb Ranger.
    Scryb Ranger
    You can get your creatures with 'tap' activation cost abilities to activate twice as many with this guy (e.g. Mangara of Corondor, Mother of Runes, Joraga Treespeaker), or just flash it and untap a big blocker to kill a creature in combat.
    Saffi Eriksdotter
    There are many sacrificing outlets on this deck, Saffi can give you one more go on whatever it is you're sacrificing, if need be (e.g. Yavimaia Elder, Qasali Pridemage).
    Gaddock Teeg
    You can always sacrifice it in case you need to cast a 4+ casting cost non creature spell (provided you have a sacrifice outlet avaliable).
    Qasali Pridemage
    Cheap creature, the exalted can make a difference, and it might get rid of any enchantment or artifact on your way
    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    Makes it harder for opponents to answer to your threats with non creature spells
    The perfect follow up for Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    Mangara of Corondor
    Put it's ability on the stack then use any sacrifice outlet (e.g. High Market) so you don't exile Mangara and might recur her later on to do it over again
    Fiend Hunter
    Put it's ETB effect on the stack and sac it before it's ability resolves if you want to permanently exile an opponent's creature
    Eternal Witness
    The wild card for recursion, and what's best, it is a creature, which means it's easy to recur Eternal Witness with other recursions! Sweet! =)
    Silverblade Paladin
    I recommend playing this after Sigarda is on the Battlefield, OR you can leave the Silverblade Paladin on the battlefield without soulbounding it to another creature to do so when Sigarda enters the battlefield, preferably if you can give Sigarda haste. Anyways, this guy makes your opponent's clock tick way too fast!
    Versatile creature that can stop opponent's recurring combos as well as save Sigarda from tuking spells. If none of those are necessary, it's also useful to return any creature you control with an ETB effect, like Eternal Witness.
    Dauntless Escort
    Since this deck relies heavily on creatures, its good to have a martyr to protect them all, and this guy covers up for one of Sigarda's 'weakness': she's not indestructible.
    Oracle of Mul Daya
    Mid range yet very solid and continuous ramp. This guy is nuts.
    Sublime Archangel
    It's not rare to have some creatures on the battlefield with such a low mana curve and so many cheap ramping creatures; Sublime Archangel makes those small creatures boost Sigarda like no other creature in this deck.
    Magus of the Disk
    This + Darksteel Plate = Infinite destruction!
    Glissa Sunseeker
    This can destroy pretty much any and all artifacts on the battlefield! Scryb Ranger says 'Hi'.
    Captain Sisay
    Can fetch the many Legendary permanents 'for free', even lands, and it's another creature with a tap ability to be abused with Scryb Ranger
    Sigarda, Host of Herons
    The 5 stars, 5 casting cost, 5 power 5 toughness Sigarda, Host of Herons is the mighty commander of this deck! *.* ;)
    This + Karmic Guide and/or Saffi Eriksdotter = infinite recursion. In case you don't have any of the previous, there are loads of other creatures with power less than or equal to two for you to recur.
    Karmic Guide
    The perfect match with Reveillark.
    Interesting creature recurring engine since it works from the graveyard (and from the graveyard only). My 1st pick to discard when activating Fauna Shaman.
    A colorless spot removal for creatures is just awesome! Did I mention it is Reveillarkable?
    Soul of the Harvest
    Card drawing is card advantage, and that is a rare resource in green/white; Soul of the Harvest works quite well in a deck filled with creatures AND creature recursion such as this.
    Sun Titan
    A great recur engine that works by itself, can recur any permanent (including lands!) with casting cost lower or equal to three.

    Enchantments (6)

    Sylvan Library
    2nd turn Sylvan Library is one of the best 2nd turns you can get. Don't be afraid to spend 4 or 8 life on each draw phase and get those extra cards, Sylvan Library is a solid and cheap card advantage engine, if not the most solid one in green.
    Survival of the Fittest
    In case Fauna Shaman doesn't show up.
    Aura Shards
    No enchantments or artifacts are safe while you have Aura Shards on the battlefield.
    If you know what your opponent biggest threat is, just name it. If you don't, you can always name your opponent's commander. This can be recurred via Sun Titan and will not be denied by Gaddock Teeg.
    Aura of Silence
    Another threat to your opponent's artifacts and enchantments, but this one is even better when you play it BEFORE your opponents play theirs.
    Martyr's Bond
    Excellent removal engine, considering this deck is filled with cards that require sacrifice and that Martyr's Bond effect can get rid of untargetable and/or indestructible stuff.

    Auras (4)

    Very cheap and effective aura, gets Sigarda to seven power, and seven is the magic number when talking about commander combat damage - only three swings away from victory!
    Hyena Umbra
    Another cheap aura that can protect Sigarda from wrath effects while giving it a good advantage in combat.
    Not the greatest spot removal, but it can render opponent's commander useless instead of destroying it and returning it to the commander zone and it's a mono green removal, meaning you can use it if opponents gets a Iona, Shield of Emeria on the BF.
    Snake Umbra
    Protects Sigarda from wrath effects and might draw you some extra cards.

    Artifacts (5)

    Sol Ring
    Solid and extremely fast ramp which can get Sigarda on the battlefield as early as on 3rd turn.
    Culling Dais
    Yet another sacrifice outlet that can eventually draw some cards.
    Darksteel Ingot
    Solid ramp that outlast stuff like Magus of the Disk and such.
    Coalition Relic
    Another effective ramp.
    Birthing Pod
    Another creature tutor engine, with pros and cons; pro: the creature is put directly on the battlefield; con: the casting cost of the creatures is very relevant. Remember that even if you pay three mana and two life to cast this, you cannot do so if Gaddok Teeg is on the BF.

    Equipments (4)

    The various creatures and sac outlets on this deck makes this card one of the main card drawing engines on this deck.
    Lightning Greaves
    Equip '0' and haste is a must while having Sigarda as commander!
    Umezawa's Jitte
    Simply broken! The ability that gives +2/+2 to a target creature can give Sigarda the boost for its final fatal strike.
    Darksteel Plate
    I usually don't play this card, but indestructible is the only ability that Sigarda 'misses' so I thought this might come in handy. It also has strong synergy with Magus of the Disk.

    Sorceries (7)

    Green Sun's Zenith
    Can tutor you that green creature you need to get a combo working (e.g. Fauna Shaman, Genesis)
    Kodama's Reach
    Cheap and effective ramp spell.
    Amazing card on an aggro deck with non land ramps (i.e. artifacts and creatures that produce mana); cast it on the right time and you'll drasticaly reduce the chances of your opponent to come back in the game.
    Best case scenario you choose to save your Sigarda, Crucible of Worlds and Sylvan Library (or Mirari's Wake), while sacrificing Saffi (before Cataclysm resolves) to recur another creature. If you don't have a good board position but have some ramp in hand, this also might be useful.
    Wrath of God
    The standard, yet solid, board wipe spell. If your Avacyn, Angel of Hope is on the battlefield, than it gets even more interesting. Darksteel Plate or an totem armor aura can keep your Sigarda alive and well on the battlefield.
    Hunter's Prowess
    This kind of sorcery wouldn't work in most decks, but since Sigarda is the commander in this deck, this card is just bonkers!
    Austere Command
    The most versatile mass removal spell on this deck. Bonkers.

    Instants (4)

    Swords to Plowshares
    Other decks might use Condemn over this, but this is an aggressive deck so it's more important to get rid of blockers or other threats (e.g. False Prophet)
    Enlightened Tutor
    Tutoring on a 99 card singleton deck is very powerful, and this can get two types of permanents the other tutors in this deck can't reach.
    Otherworldly Journey
    Saves Sigarda not only from mass destruction spells, but also from tuking spells (e.g. Hallowed Burial) or spells that would return it to your hand (e.g. Evacuation), with the benefit of the +1/+1 counter on its way back. Worst case scenario you can remove a blocker for the final blow or just remove a token from the game.
    Beast Within
    The most versatile spot removal for any green deck.


    If Bruna, light of Alabaster appeals for Jhonny, and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight for Timmy, Sigarda, Host of Herons finds home in Spike decks.
    This is an aggressive deck meant to play 1 vs 1 duel, with Sigarda, Host of Herons as the commander and central piece to win the game. Sigarda is a very good commander to have in that kind of game, that is, when you're the aggressor playing against a single opponent. Here are the reasons why: She's not very expensive to cast, she's green, which allows you to easily ramp and play her before the 5th turn, she has 5 power and an evasive ability (flying) meaning that, unblocked, she'll kill your opponent in 5 attacks, and last but certainly not least, she's very hard to kill.
    So the main idea of this deck is to get Sigarda, Host of Herons on the battlefield ASAP and swing for 21+ damage. Very simple, uh? With that in mind, I searched for the most effective ramp spells I could find, ways of giving her haste and increase her power to at least 7 to be able to deal 21+ damage with only three attacks.
    I know that while trying to ramp your way to 5 mana to get Sigarda on the battlefield your opponent won't be just sitting and waiting, he/she will probably have some defensive strategy (which if I'm wrong, that is, if they don't have one, they'll be screwed anyway) so, as you'll see on the decklist, there are lots of cards to disrupt most, if not all, defensive strategies your opponents might come up with - most of these strategies rely on artifacts and/or enchantments, yet some use lands like Maze of Ith or Kor Haven, but those two won't work against Sigarda.
    One of Sigarda's vulnerability is that she's not indestructible (the card is already broken as it is, who could ask for more?), though she can't be targeted, she dies to spells like Wrath of God and its kind; another vulnerability that she has is that she can be countered; with that in mind I put some cards in the deck that can go around those vulnerabilities.


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