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Arcane SignetArid MesaArmy of the DamnedAsh BarrensBadlandsBaral, Chief of ComplianceBeacon of UnrestBedevilBlatant ThieveryBloodstained MireBriberyCapture of JingzhouCareful StudyCascade BluffsCommand BeaconCommand TowerCrackling DrakeCreeping Tar PitCryptic CommandCyclonic RiftDack FaydenDamnationDemonic TutorDesolate LighthouseDimir SignetDockside ExtortionistDrown in the LochDrowned CatacombEntombFabled PassageFact or FictionFaithless LootingFellwar StoneFiery ConfluenceFlooded StrandFrantic SearchGoblin ElectromancerGod-Eternal KefnetHeat ShimmerImperial SealIncreasing VengeanceInsidious WillIntuitionIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet CharmIzzet SignetJace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath UnboundJace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath UnboundKefnet's Last WordKess, Dissident MageLiliana of the VeilMana CryptMana DrainMarsh FlatsMisty RainforestMizzix's MasteryMorphic PoolMountainMystic ConfluenceMystical TutorPolluted DeltaPongifyPrimal Amulet // Primal WellspringPrimal Amulet // Primal WellspringPrismatic VistaRapid HybridizationReanimateReflecting PoolRise from the TidesRite of ReplicationSapphire MedallionScalding TarnScheming SymmetrySensei's Divining TopSol RingSpelltwineSteam VentsStrip MineSulfur FallsSunken HollowSunken RuinsSwampTalisman of DominanceTemporal ManipulationThe Magic MirrorTime WarpToxic DelugeUnderground SeaVampiric TutorVandalblastVerdant CatacombsVolcanic IslandWatery GraveWheel of FortuneWindfallWooded Foothills