Syr Gwyn - Knight-Commander of All Swords (EDH / Commander)

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    After commanding her knights through the realms of the wilds, she realized a greater purpose, a greater value that dawned her - that her alone will lead an army, not to defend the cities, not to destroy the wilds but to rule over all by combing the greatest assets to the task and by welcoming unusual allies.

    Her kingdom felt her to be a traitor and banished her. Only a few knights under her command followed her and soon after many others.

    Her older sister, Aryel was also banished from the knighthood - being that they are sisters although her story parted from Syr Gwyn's.

    So instead of leading knights from the realm, Syr Gwyn assembled her artificers and advisers to forge weapons; sent out rogues and hunters to recover ancient artifacts and finally gain an alliance from angels, goblins, a god, and more to follow her.

    Her allies from throughout the realms has joined her to conquer and rule over all that is wild and civil. For together they will bring destruction to those who defy them and wonderment to those who joins them.

    "Let us not be fright of the night but instead charge forward with our lives as if it's the last!" - Syr Gwyn

    DISCLAIMER: Most of the HIGH-valued cards in my decks are proxies and are never used for tournament.



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