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Frankie Peanuts, Un-Commander (EDH / Commander)

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    Technically, the questions you ask with Frankie have to be about the game itself, but let's be honest: We all just want to know if Will slept with Jamie. Answer the damn question.


    This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander.

    Problems: You cannot play more than 1 of: Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Everythingamajig. · Not legal in this format: Frankie Peanuts, Save Life, Staying Power, Border Guardian, Do-It-Yourself Seraph, Emcee, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Knight of the Widget, Miss Demeanor, Modular Monstrosity, Rules Lawyer, Toy Boat, Urza's Science Fair Project, Everythingamajig, Everythingamajig, Everythingamajig, Everythingamajig, Everythingamajig, Everythingamajig, Giant Fan, Gleemax, Kindslaver, Letter Bomb, Mana Screw, Mirror Mirror, Mox Lotus, Rod of Spanking, Staff of the Letter Magus, Stamp of Approval, Urza's Contact Lenses, Water Gun Balloon Game, Buzzing Whack-a-Doodle, My First Tome, Bronze Calendar, Jack-in-the-Mox, Look at Me, I'm R&D, Spatula of the Ages, AWOL, Entirely Normal Armchair, Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One), Flavor Judge, GO TO JAIL, I'm Rubber, You're Glue, Look at Me, I'm the DCI, Oddly Uneven, Old Guard, Prismatic Wardrobe, Sacrifice Play, Snow Mercy, City of Ass, R&D's Secret Lair, Secret Base. · Color identity does not match Commander: Jack-in-the-Mox.

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