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Abnormal EnduranceArrester's ZealBarrier of BonesBartizan BatsBlessed LightBring to TrialCarrion ImpDeath BaronDebtors' TransportDoomed DissenterDubFinal PaymentGallant CavalryGateway PlazaGraveyard MarshalGrotesque DemiseImperious OligarchKaya, Orzhov UsurperKnight of MaliceKnight of SorrowsKnightly ValorMidnight ReaperMinistrant of ObligationMortifyOpen the GravesOrzhov EnforcerOrzhov GuildgateOrzhov LocketPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsReassembling SkeletonScrabbling ClawsSmothering TitheSpirit of the SpiresSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSyndicate MessengerThirsting ShadeTithe TakerTwilight PantherValiant KnightVeiled ShadeWand of VertebraeWatchful Giant