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The Madness of Dr. Oikawa (Modern)

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Inspired by the character Yukio Oikawa from Digimon Adventure 02.

"It has been our dream to go into that Other World. However, fate had worked against us. Only the Chosen can travel to that plane and back with ease, and I was not one of them. Research however says there are other ways to cross the boundary. I discovered a ritual that's an effective way to weaken the barrier between worlds.

"Over the years I have collected the tools, assembled my team of enforcers, and gathered a group of people that share my vision, all to successfully perform this ritual. We will meet at the border by the thaw of winter and cross the threshold there. And if anyone tries to stop us? Well, my weapons and my enforcers will be more than enough to quell any inconvenience.

"Still, I have an itching doubt in my mind: that my actions leading up to this are the will of a dark entity exploiting my pain and despair. Guess what? This is my- no, our dream, and I've worked hard to make it reality. The dark clouds will disperse as soon as I step foot on that strange yet familiar soil. It's a shame you can't be here to take this leap with me, Hiroki. I will do this for us, and it will be magnificent."


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