How To Primer (Casual)

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    Lays out the general format for creating a comprehensive primer for any EDH deck, covers what sections should be included and what they each should individually entail. The goal is to create a primer for any EDH deck that give enough information and understanding of the deck to someone who has never played the deck to the point that they could pilot the deck with moderate success.

    A brief introduction into the thread so that the reader gets an understanding about the content that will follow in your post.
    The introduction should be a short summary without including portions of important content.

    Why play this commander?
    If you can't give reasons as to why you enjoy playing your commander you probably shouldn't be writing a primer for them. Let readers know the pros and cons of the commander. Let them in on what sort of role they might play in the deck as well. If the whole point of your commander is to throw your opponent off because it's so terrible, then go ahead and tell your readers such.
    Be realistic as well; we know you love your Commander, but if there are any problems or downsides to your Commander, be honest about it. Building a Commander deck can be a time consuming and involved process, and newer players to your deck should have a decent idea of what they are getting into before they commit themselves to it.
    Comparisons to other similar Commanders, and how they may play differently from yours is important information to add. Not every commander in the colors you are in will be the best choice for a list, so it is important to comment on the other options and why they were not chosen.

    Deck List
    Break down decklist into card sections by 8x8 or 9x7 rule.

    Card Options
    This section is used to discuss current inclusions of your deck, and potentially alternate card options.
    All of your cards in the deck should be listed, minus basic lands, and discussion about why they made the cut is mandatory. Even the most basic cards should be considered for explanations for the benefit of newer players.
    When writing this section, it is best to assume the reader is not familiar with what a card does and how it interacts within your deck. This is an area to connect key cards together by explaining their interactions and synergies with the Commander. Providing good detail in this section is essential for any primer.

    How do you pilot your deck? We want to know what sort of mindset you should be in when playing this deck. Let users know what your basic game plan is, then go into further detail.
    What are the deck's strengths and weaknesses, and how does the deck handle those weaknesses?
    How should you pilot it at different stages of the game? Typically these are broken down into early, mid, and late game but it is not required to explicitly use these phases.
    When is the time to be aggressive or defensive?
    What cards are critical to the success of your plan?
    When and how do you search or try to draw into the critical cards?
    When and how do you use the critical cards during the game?
    What is your Commander's role in the plan?
    What should you look out for in opening hands?
    What should you mulligan away?
    This section should be detailed enough that a player unfamiliar with your deck could pick up your deck and play it with moderate proficiency.

    Win Conditions
    What the main ways the deck aims to win a game? Is there a primary, secondary, etc. series of wincons?

    Notable Card Interactions
    What are noteworthy card interactions in the deck, mainly either things that provide a significant boost to your position if assembled or "epic" interactions that put the "Dragon" in Elder Dragon Highlander.


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