BR Super-Soulflayer-Strike (Budget) (Casual)

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    This Deck wants to fill the Graveyard with creatures that can be delved with Soulflayer. The plan is to get him out early and with as much abilities from the delved creatures as possible to make him a wincon.
    An alternative option is to revive something from GY with Bond of Revival (I know there are cheaper solutions, but I want to have haste on the revived creature).

    Delve-target choices:

    Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

    • the best combination of abilities for damage dealing and protection

    Plated Crusher (or the budget Carnage Tyrant ;-) )

    • not the best creature to choose, but I really want Hexproof on Soulflayer besides Trample
    • and it may be a (bad) finisher if revived

    Sphinx of the Steel Wind

    • mainly because I wanted at least one Lifelinker for Soulflayer

    Akroma, Angel of Wrath

    Gurmag Swiftwing

    • creature/blocker for earlygame
    • three good abilities on a 2-cmc-creature in black... could be worse

    Prophetic Flamespeaker

    • good abilities and can be cast if needed
    • provides card advantage if it deals damage

    With Faithless Looting and Cathartic Reunion we can discard our creatures and search for our wincons. If we don't find (good) enough creatures we have Buried Alive to choose a perfect combination for Soulflayer (maybe something like Zetalpa, Plated Crusher and something with haste?).
    Lightning Axe is mainly a great removal for its cost, but also lets us discard a card for Soulflayer. What do we want more? To have some more removal I put in 2 Cast Down which can be exchanged with any other black 2-cmc-removal.

    I hope you like the deck. Please feel free to suggest other/better cards to use or comment what to make better in general.

    Have fun =)


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