Modern Quillcombo (Modern)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)


    This deck is built around the Quillspike // Devoted Druid combo. Basically, you tap devoted druid for mana, then untap it putting a -1/-1 counter on it, then removing it with the created mana, tapping it again and again and again, each time Quillspike getting bigger and bigger. Then all you need is some sort of finisher such as giving Quillspike trample or unblockable. This deck runs multiple commune effects such as commune with the gods, commune with nature, and incubation to get the combo as quickly as possible.

    Budget Variation - This deck was already built with budget in mind, however, if it is still a bit too pricey for you, a recommendation is cutting blue from the deck and Birds of Paradise (replace BoP with llanowar elves for example). Also, vexing shusher can be replaced with prowling serpopard. Lightning Greaves also is not that necessary and any haste giver works, especially if you choose to splash in some red. However, you could just ignore haste all together.
    Color Variation - Originally this deck was monogreen, but due to incubation and slip through space/Aqueous Form I thought that U/G would be better. A consideration is R/G as it allows enablers such as crash through and Kessig Wolf Run, however, I felt that blue better suited this deck in particular. You could also run black with activators such as gruesome deformity and tutors such as dimir machinations.
    Flexible Wincon - This deck can also win by pumping your creatures and killing them this way, if you like having a more flexible wincon, Giant Growth, Berserk and Larger than Life are all excellent cards for this strategy to work.

    Upgrades - If you have a higher budget, here are some upgrades you might want to consider:
    Manamorphose: This card allows both mana fixing and cycling and is particularly good if you want to go red.
    Grove of the Burnwillows: This card is great if you choose to splash in red, giving your opponent life is not really a downside for this combo deck.
    Collected Company: I'm not sure about this one, it is great value and tempo, I feel however that it is too slow.
    Berserk: This card is a good enabler and also allows alternative wincons.

    How Fast?
    With this deck, the fastest turn you can win by is turn 3, requiring 5 cards: Birds of Paradise, Devoted Druid, Quillspike, Lightning Greaves and any enabler such as rancor or aqueous form.
    1: Play a land, Play Birds of Paradise
    2: Play a land and Quillspike
    3: Play a land, Devote druid, Lightning Greaves. Attach lightning greaves to Devote Druid. Then tap Devote Druid, to activate an enabler onto Quillspike. Activate the combo and win the game!
    Alternatively, if you are missing Quillspike, you can play Devoted Druid on turn 2 plus a commune with nature and hope you find Quillspike, which also allows you to win on turn 3.

    How to play:
    The main idea with this deck is to get your combo pieces as quickly as possible for a quick KO. This is done by ramping, tutoring and cycling. Incubation//Incongruity is great for a turn 1 play while Fauna Shaman is great for a direct tutor. You can protect your combo with Blossoming Defense and also use the latter half of Incubation//Incogruity or use Nature's Claim vs tron, artifact decks or other combo decks, these cards also protect your combo from Pithing Needle or Ixalan's Binding effects. Nature's Claim is particularly great in this deck as giving your opponent health is not a concern, while also it allows you to target your own Rancor gaining you 4 health for 2 mana.

    Anyways, this was the first deck I made, please feel free to leave criticisms or suggestions.


    Sideboard price: 54.13 € | $ 58.32


    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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