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Abuna AcolyteAkroan PhalanxAkroan SergeantArmored GriffinArrestCombat CelebrantDevil's PlayFire at WillFlowstone HellionGoblin ShortcutterMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainOtherworldly OutburstOutflankPatrol HoundPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRowan KenrithSavannah LionsScreeching GriffinShatterShivan DragonSoul WardenSpringjack PastureStave OffTajic, Legion's EdgeVizkopa VampireWrack with Madness

Abyssal SpecterAggressive InstinctAkoum RefugeAncient KavuBaleful ForceBoneyard WurmBrainstormBroodstarCascade BluffsCrippling ChillCulling DroneCurse of InertiaEerie InterludeErhnam DjinnFalse ProphetFiery JusticeFogFrightshroud CourierGeth's VerdictGruul TurfHavenwood BattlegroundHeroes' BaneInfested RootholdInspiring StatuaryJori En, Ruin DiverKujar SeedsculptorLaquatus's ChampionLignifyMagus of the TabernacleMight Makes RightMinamo SightbenderNarset's ReversalNaturalizeNight SoilObliterateOptOrnithopterOrnithopterParalyzing GraspPatagia ViperProwling SerpopardQuenchRecoverRevenant PatriarchRunes of the DeusRuric Thar, the UnbowedShardless AgentShizuko, Caller of AutumnSiftSlithery StalkerSnakeformSower of TemptationStarlit SanctumStitcher's GraftTajuru PathwardenTangleclaw Werewolf // Fibrous EntanglerTangleclaw Werewolf // Fibrous EntanglerTerrorTerrus WurmThe ElderspellTibor and LumiaTime ReversalTournament GroundsTurntimber BasiliskWindstormWreath of GeistsWrite into Being