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Old War Weapons (Memnarch EDH, ~$100, WIP) (EDH / Commander)

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    I've had this deck built for a while now but was continually working on it until the most recent set came out. At this point, I think I have hit a wall as to how to take this deck forward without jumping up the price higher before deciding whenever or not it's good enough to warrant purchasing it for use in my circle of friends (and maybe at Local Game Stores in the potential future). Since there is an EDH Suggestions section, I thought I could try it and make this deck public to see if anyone with better deck-building skills and/or game smarts can recommend me some better suggestions as to how to build this deck, and what cards might be better, etc.

    I am trying to build this EDH Memnarch Deck to Ramp quickly through the use of Mana Rocks & Combos, such as Clock of Omens untapping said rocks in order to bring out Memnarch, and use that mana to quickly rob my opponents of their board. However, because some of my friends can be running very control-heavy decks and/or cards with answers to targeted abilities (Gargos, Viscous Watcher as an example), this may not work effectively in my favor all the time. Therefore, I wanted to opt in for more Commander Protection, rob my opponents of their answers to my Commander Abilities, and have a Plan B Win-Strategy in case Memnarch is not going to work out as well alone, with Plan B consisting of killing with Thopters by casting cheap (or even free) artifacts to generate them. I thought that this could be an effective strategy as an alternative plan to win with due to how they are not easily blocked by monsters, can swarm the field fast the more artifacts I can cast, and can even synergize with one of my key combo pieces, Clock of Omens, for effectively making Thopters into fuel to continually untap Mana Rocks like Guilded Lotus in order to spam Memnarch's Ability at an insane level.

    Few things to note though:

    1.) I am on a pretty heavy budget, with most of my decks, both EDH and Regular 60-Card Decks, being only ~$40 - $60 (excluding sleeves & deck boxes), and the deck being this expensive is already severely pushing the limits on its costliness; The only reason it's this expensive/optimized for a "budget deck" is purely because the idea of a Memnarch Commander Deck intrigues & excites me that much. Since the estimated price is going to be ~$20 more from Card Sleeves & a Deck Box, alternative card suggestions pricing $10+ or something are not going to be very helpful for my wallet.

    2.) I am budgeting the pricing based on TCGPlayer prices, and TCGPlayer only.

    3.) I have watched Commander's Quarter's Episode on making a more Budget-Friendly Memnarch Deck, and am using many cards from that video, while trying to optimize slightly more based on my friend group's decks, as well as my personal playstyle tastes.

    4.) I'm not exactly a Noob in MTG (or at least I would like to think I'm not), however I have only ever built and played a handful of decks at a much more Casual level, not only because I have tight budgets, but also because I never actually played with others outside my small friend circle whom are also about as casual. Please consider that while Memnarch might be annoying innately to play against, and while I am a Combo-Archetype Player at Heart, My Friends Have Souls Too. I am not looking for Competitive First Turn Kill Strategies or Extremely Easy Infinite Combos with only a 1 or 2 turn setup when it is only ~3 turns in the game or anything of the sort; it would only cause my friends to hate me/the game. In other words, I Only Want To Tease The Souls Of My Friends, Not Obliterate Them.

    Any Good Alternative/Replacement Card Suggestions as to how to take this build are very welcome, especially ones that can replace more expensive cards in this deck for cheaper alternatives with not much consistency/performance lost.



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