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AngerAngerAura ShardsAura ShardsBarbarian RingBuried AliveBurnished HartBurnished HartBurnished HartBurnished HartCabal CoffersChain of VaporChokeDarkblastDemonic TutorDimir MachinationsDimir MachinationsDismemberDwarven BlastminerEidolon of RhetoricEidolon of RhetoricEidolon of RhetoricEidolon of RhetoricEidolon of RhetoricFact or FictionGhost QuarterGoblin GrenadeGoblin OffensiveGrasslandsHeartstoneHypnotic SpecterLibrary of LengLibrary of LengLibrary of LengLightning HelixLiliana's CaressLiliana's CaressLoxodon WarhammerMemniteMerchant ScrollMind StoneMind StoneMurderous CutReckless BushwhackerRise // FallSerra AngelSerra AngelSkullclampSol RingSpellbookSpellbookSpellbookSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesTerminal MoraineThe RackThe RackUrza's MineUrza's TowerUrza's TowerVictimizeWorn PowerstoneYoung PyromancerYoung PyromancerYoung PyromancerZuran Orb