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Omnath, Locus of Rage - Land Rampage (EDH / Commander)

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    All out landfall rampage.
    If you like to swarm your board with overpowered 5/5 elementals
    wich often kill the entire table without even attacking once, this is the deck for you.


    Recipe :

    Ramp until you can cast Omnath, take the early game easy and take a couple of hits if you must.
    When you get to the point where you can cast Omnath you will dominate the game with 5/5 elementals.

    This deck can easily win from 5 life left and no creatures out by turn 6.

    Sac outlets are your greatest weapon and threat, I usually use them for politics.
    This deck can be very political despite it’s overwhelming raw power.

    Playing lands from your graveyard gives you a strong and long lasting presence
    while other players run out of steam.

    Crop rotation is your mvp and get out of jail card.
    I often use it early game to grab Maze of Ith (Or Glacial Chasm, testing this right now) in order to safely get into the midgame.
    I almost never block with my creatures other than the tokens. Your utility creatures are mostly force multipliers for Omnath.

    Terror of the Peaks, Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread are big threats to the table.
    Fiery Emancipation makes those cards all the more scary.

    Splendid Reclamation and Scapeshift are great game enders.
    You should usually just win at this point, or dominate the game from there on.

    Other win cons are (Acromas Memorial) / Eldrazi Monument with a bunch of elementals.

    Purphoros often kills a table in one turn.
    Sometimes it might take two turn.

    Alternative win con can be Dark Depths + Thespian’s Stage.

    Other notes:
    Wrenn and Six is just fancy ramp. Probably not worth the money, but it's there if you want to max out the deck.



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