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Acorn CatapultAeolipileAkrasan SquireAngry MobAvacynian Missionaries // Lunarch InquisitorsAvacynian Missionaries // Lunarch InquisitorsBarrin's CodexBartered CowBathe in LightBattle at the BridgeBeacon of DestinyBlack KnightBlighted WoodlandBloodfell CavesBlossoming SandsCallous OppressorCannibalizeCaves of KoilosCharming PrinceCircular LogicCommand TowerCorpse HaulerCultivateDeadbridge ChantDeclaration in StoneDeranged HermitDestructive RevelryDismal BackwaterDismemberEvacuationEvolving WildsField of the DeadFireboltForestForestGargoyle CastleGoblin DiplomatsGuard DutyHero's BladeHidden HorrorIslandIslandIslandIslandJungle HollowKaho, Minamo HistorianKarametra, God of HarvestsKenrith, the Returned KingKezzerdrixLightning BoltLu Xun, Scholar GeneralMagus of the VineyardMana CylixMaster of the Wild HuntMountainMountainMurderMyriad LandscapeNature's ChantNorin the WaryOngoing InvestigationOrdered MigrationPlummetPrairie StreamPrincess LucreziaPurifyQuest for the Holy RelicRainbow ValeRaise DeadRally the PeasantsRiddlekeeperRod of SpankingRoutRugged HighlandsScorching MissileScoured BarrensSol RingStaff of NinSwampSwampSwampSwampSwiftwater CliffsSword of the MeekSword of the ParunsTauntTemple of SilenceTendo Ice BridgeTerramorphic ExpanseThornwood FallsThrone of the High CityTranquil CoveTrapped in the TowerWeight of ConscienceWhen Fluffy Bunnies AttackWind-Scarred CragWitch HuntWood ElvesWrath of GodYisan, the Wanderer BardZur the Enchanter

Command BeaconCorpse HarvesterEiganjo CastleEnsnaring BridgeEverflowing ChaliceRelentless DeadSong of the DryadsTaunting ChallengeUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth