Monored Goblins (Legacy)

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    Since the best Legacy decks at the moments (November 2017) are Delver/DRS/SFM/YP and equipments, the most of them run between 13 to 16 creatures and 6 to 8 removals.

    My plan is to keep casting goblins and overwhelm them while removing their threats with a lot of removals. It's ok to be Forced, Dazed or Stifled, because with 30 (35 exactly with the 3 Siege-Gang Commander tokens and 2 more for Mogg War Marshall) creatures main deck, there are enough goblins to come.

    Tier 1 creatures decks like Grixis, BUG midrange, 4C Control and D&T are quite fair for goblins. Greater menaces are Elves, S&T, Reanimator, TES/ANT.

    EDIT (12.04.2018):
    - The forthcoming Damping Sphere from Dominaria will greatly improve our combo match-ups and will replace Pithing Needle.
    - I had to find a slot to include Goblin Chainwhirler as a 1-of, because her impact on the board is just awesome against all creature decks, especially against Grixis, Pile, D&T and Elves. The natural choice will be to replace Goblin Sharpshooter, which, for now, does not have a place in the 75 anymore.

    EDIT (16.04.2018):
    - Cutting Sharpshooter is not an option. He can wins games from nowhere and burn opponent's face through a lock.
    - Puting Chainwhirler in the 75 imply to turn to a monored build. RRR is to hard to cast.
    - In a monored list, I guess we can go down to 22 lands, instead of cutting a goblin from the toolbox.

    Here is the plan to deal with them:

    Elves: 2 Pithing Needle (DRS, Symbiote), 3 Pyrokinesis, 3 Surgical Extraction
    Reanimator: 3 Surgical, 3 Thalia, 1 Stingscourger, 2 Pithing Needle (Griselbrand), 2 Containment Priest
    TES/ANT: 3 Thalia, 3 Surgical, 3 Pyrokinesis (Empty the Warrens), 2 Mindbreak Trap
    Show & Tell: 2 Containment Priest, 2 Pithing Needle (Sneak Attack), 2 Stingscourger
    -> eventually Confusion in the Ranks or Ashen Rider, because it can steal an Omniscience, Sneak Attack, Griselbrand or Emrakul, The Aeons Torn, while Ashen Rider would only exile a card.

    EDIT (21.01.2018): Ashen Rider was removed, because he is too narrow. She can only address OmniShow, while Containment Priest has text against Dredge, Elves and Reanimator.


    4 Piledrivers to fight TNN decks and be quick enough against Combo

    11 removals in total (sideboard included) sharpshooter, gempalm, tarfires, pyrokinesis (pyroblast?) to have removal diversity.

    EDIT (16.11.2017): Sparksmith was removed, because almost anytime I needed him, he couldn't be active right away. Most of the time, he needed a haste lord, when Gempalm could have made the job and draw a card.

    EDIT (18.01.2018): Pyroblast was removed, because it was annoying to preemptively let 1 R mana open.

    The purpose is to be ready anytime to kill DRS and thus enhance chances for Lackey to connect.

    3 Relic of Progenitus to hunger DRS and have enough polyvalent GY hate


    With 60 cards, I couldn't find a slot for 1 Sparksmith. That's sad, because he was good anytime I played it, but I think Gempalm is better.

    Not a lot of mountains, which makes the manabase sensible to opponents wastelands.


    Sideboard price: 55.53 € | $ 86.61

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