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AngerAngrath's RampageArtisan of KozilekBane of Bala GedBedevilBreaker of ArmiesBurnished HartChainer, Nightmare AdeptChaos WarpConduit of RuinCryptborn HorrorCryptolith Fragment // Aurora of EmrakulCryptolith Fragment // Aurora of EmrakulDead RevelsDesolation TwinDoom BladeDreadboreEarthquakeEndless OneFiery ConfluenceGoblin FireslingerHeartless HidetsuguHero's DownfallIndulgent TormentorIt That BetraysKaervek the MercilessLobber CrewLoyal SubordinateMire in MiseryNeheb, the EternalNettle DroneOblivion SowerPalace SiegePyrohemiaRakdos CharmRakdos SignetRakdos's ReturnRakdos, Lord of RiotsRead the BonesRed Elemental BlastRetreat to HagraRune-Scarred DemonSarkhan's UnsealingShepherd of RotSin ProdderSol RingSolemn SimulacrumSower of DiscordSpawn of MayhemSpear SpewerStaff of NinSteel HellkiteStonecoil SerpentStormfist CrusaderSwiftfoot BootsTalisman of IndulgenceTerminateTheater of HorrorsThermo-AlchemistUlamog's CrusherUnlicensed DisintegrationVandalblastVial Smasher the FierceVilis, Broker of BloodWarstorm Surge