Elemental UnEarther (Modern)

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    Creature/Synergy-Based Aggro Deck
    Although this could even be considered a mid-range i suppose.

    Other than that, it's a heavy swinger, beat-down deck that puts a 6 or 7 power threat on the board as early as turn 2 and keeps them coming.

    Hold the line TURNS 1 and 2 with some hand disruption in a standard package of Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize. Great way to get perfect information on an opponent's hand and deck as well as slow them down. Not much in terms of Game 1 Creature removal, you can always "Fling" at any target if need be and you also have access to "lightning bolt"and because it runs black and white, could even sideboard in" Fatal Push" or" Path to Exile" But also, Most of your creatures have Haste and Trample so you can always just take out creatures while you swinging... if they don't block then you'll just win faster... :)

    Mana Base
    Went with 18 lands...seems like a solid number for an aggressive deck. There is always a slight chance in getting land locked but I'll keep testing to determine if this is suitable or a nightmare for this deck.

    Use Fling to prevent an exile of Thunderkin or one of your other valuable Creatures by "Sac-ing" it with Fling and doing the sac-ed creatures power in damage to your opponent. Return valuable card from graveyard later with Unearth or Thunderkin/Thunderkin-pump combo.

    Brute Force seems a bit lack luster but it will add crucial damage to big swings as well as pump Thunderkin to pull Nova from the GY and then sac Thunderkin to swing for 10.

    Card Draw
    Night's Whisper is still up in the air. I'm debating between it and a couple of other red card draws. I like "Night's Whisper" because it doesn't give an opponent an option to take damage and stop the card draw from happening. Of course it comes at the cost of 2 black and 2 life, but like a lot of modern players, I see life as a resource more than something to protect. Plus, I could gain all the life back and pay for some of my fetch lands with a single hit from spark trooper. Faithless Looting is an amazing turn 1 tool to not only draw 2 more cards but to set up a turn 2 Unearth or swing from Thunderkin. Discard the heavy hitters and then pull and swing from the GY turn 2 to put the pressure on them. Just beware that if they have a path or surgical extraction it could cripple the deck.. Make sure you sideboard For their sideboard, Not their deck.

    Play fast and hit often -using sideboard for needed decks to remove the cards they sideboard in to deal with you and shut down their decks...basically, sideboard to deal with stuff you can't touch normally and remember to focus on sideboarding FOR Their sideboard.

    Core Cards:
    Thunderkin Awakener x4
    Lightning Skelemental x4
    Spark Elemental x4
    Spark Trooper x1
    Ball Lightning x4
    insolent Neonate x4
    Unearth x4

    Noted Tools
    Lightning Skelemental causes the player to discard 2 cards when they are dealt damage with LS.

    Spark Trooper has Trample, Haste and Lifelink for a quick life fix and to take some of the pressure off in late games. Ran 1 in main board because he's 4 mana instead of three which means you can only hard cast or Thunderkin him into play. This may change but for now, I'm happy with it.

    Feel free to leave a comment, make a suggestion or add me to your list!



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    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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